Date Posted: 05/05/2017

1 May: the week at Read

Beat the Teacher? I Don't Think So!

BTT 1.jpg

On Wednesday 3rd of May, we at Read were visited by DJs from Minster FM, who were here to put one of our teachers on the spot in the popular quiz feature: "Beat the Teacher"! It was Mr Hill who was chosen to do his best, and do his best he did! In common parlance, he smashed it! Beat the Teacher is a quick-fire quiz which entails answering as many questions as possible in a minute. Suffice to say, Mr Hill is now top of the leaderboard (see the league below) and now has a target firmly on his head as being the man to beat. The footage of the visit complete with his answers to the quiz can be found on our Facebook feed. The Prep school were in vociferous form, as they dedicated to him all the vocal support they could muster! Questions such as; what is the chemical symbol for Silver, what is Beckham's normal number shirt, were among the array of questions he had to answer before the time ran out. So quick was he, that the compere was starting to panic before time ran out as she was running out of questions to ask!

Well done to all involved, the supporting the students, Mrs Shann who organised it all and of course the redoubtable Mr Hill for his sterling performance!

 Test The Teacher Leaderboard.jpg
The leaderboard image. Once all schools have taken part the top three finalists will go head to head live on radio in a few weeks. The winner will receive £250 for their school.


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 This Little Piggy Went to Market!

PAF 1.jpg

The Pre-School pupils pose with the pigs at Piglets Adventure Farm!

Spring is in the air and with Spring comes lots of baby animals.  The children from Pre-School were lucky enough to meet and handle lots of the new baby animals and some of the adults too, during their visit to Piglets Adventure Farm.  The children had been learning all about baby animals and it was brilliant to actually see the animals in real life. 
It was a hot, sunny day and some of the animals were a bit uncomfortable so the children helped them to feel better by giving them a brush or giving them some water to cool down.
A super tractor ride took everyone around the farm and there was chance to explore the different vegetables grown there before each child planted their own bean seed.
The children finished the day with a well-earned ice cream.
PAF 2.jpg
A long queue to stroke the goat!

Year 10 Pupils Get Motivated for Red Nose Day!

On Friday 24th March a group of Year 10 girls took it upon themselves to grab the bull by the horns and raise some money for Red Nose Day. Honor Ratcliffe, Charlotte Bielby, Jess Liddle and Holly Kantecki take up the story.

"We got together earlier to think about what we could do as this is an important fund raising day and we didn’t want to miss the chance to take part. We decided the whole school should have a non-uniform day with a ‘wear red for Red Nose Day’ theme.  Everyone had to pay £1 for the privilege of being able to come to school in their own clothes.

Red Nose Day.JPG

Matthew Roberts puts his head in the "guillotine" for Comic Relief.

We also had a splat the teacher/Sixth Former game where wet sponges could be thrown at the person standing behind a painted screen with their head in a gap. The person wanting to throw the sponge had to pay £1 for three sponges.  Mr Gisbourne was the only teacher brave enough to take part in that. The Sixth Formers who took part were Alfie, Daniel, Sam and Matthew. That was great and a lot of good fun was had by everyone especially at the end when people were soaking wet; it drew quite a crowd of onlookers. Thank you to those who took part in this.

We raised £292.50, which we are very pleased about; a big thank you to everyone who donated."

“The money we raised this Red Nose Day will help people living unimaginably tough lives across both the UK and Africa.”

Honor Ratcliffe, Charlotte Bielby, Jessica Liddle and Holly Kantecki