Date Posted: 15/12/2016

12 December; the week at Read

Cinderella's Missing Slipper!

Last week we showed you a preview of some of the acting talent in the prep production of Cinderella. This week we showcase more photos with a review from Mrs Wake. Enjoy!

henry holder, harjit singh.jpg

Henry Holder and Harjit Singh dancing as the Ugly Sisters

The Prep School performed Cinderella on Wednesday 30 November and Thursday 1 December (oh yes they did!). But it was not the average Cinderella, it was Cinderella with a twist – the poor girl (played brilliantly by Kaela Abrams) ended up having to marry one of the Ugly Sisters!  Despite the Fairy Godmother’s desperate attempts to help Cinderella, sadly all her spells failed and Cinderella ended up going to the ball on a pogo-stick. Max Colgan was superb in his role as the Fairy Godmother and captured the character fantastically throughout. Poor Buttons, played enthusiastically by Joe Scholefield, worshipped Cinderella from afar, but was left broken-hearted. He was much better at entertaining the audience though, so at least that’s some consolation. Prince Charming, played charmingly by Jess Henry, was a ‘monumental wally’ in the words of Cinderella – vanity and money-grabbing didn’t do him any favours. The ugly sisters, Ella and Bella, played excellently by Henry Holder and Harjit Singh had the audience in stitches.

jamie holdich, roman collinson, luke moseley.jpg

Jamie Holdich, Roman Collinson and Luke Moseley as the Heralds.

We are very proud of all the children for putting effort into learning their lines and performing with confidence in front of an audience. There were a number of solos and the chorus supported the soloists extremely well. A huge thank you to everyone who helped us with costumes, make up, lighting and music. A production like this takes an awful lot of work, but it is always well worth it. Now to thinking of what we’re going to entertain you with next year…..

Kaela abrams, joe scholefield, max colgan.jpg

Kaela Abrams, Joe Scholefield and Max Colgan "tread the boards".

mary couch rhea chadha, jack mustill, ella frost, isaac stephens.jpg

Mary Couch, Rhea Chadha, Jack Mustill, Ella Frost and Isaac Stephens ready for action.

Mrs Wake

Sixth Form Bingo Session at the Mansion House

Report by Alfie Thomlinson

 mansion house 1.jpg

Last Wednesday the Sixth Form embarked on an expedition to the Mansion House in Drax. Myself and Head Girl Lizzy Limbert, with the help of our Sixth Form peers, supplied the Mansion House with dozens of mince pies, chocolates, warm hearted conversation, and a game of bingo. On arrival we sat down, shared stories and experiences, and listened to the wise words of our elders. We then started a game of bingo, where the residents you could say, ‘bent the rules’ on bingo by colouring their numbers in before I had even called them out, this resulted in about five winners on one game of bingo! We were out of prizes before we had actually finished, by the numerous amount of winners who ‘claimed’ their rightful prize.

mansion house 4.jpg

The residents enjoyed the company of the Sixth Form, where both sides learnt from each other, and had a good old laugh. A great way to not only end the term for the Sixth Form with a good Christmas deed, but to make an already happy place even happier with the sound of laughter and love.

mansion house 2 margaret.jpg

Christmas Dinner!

A big thank you to all of our catering staff for a superb slap-up Christmas dinner to rival all others! Pictured below are some of our senior pupils, pulling crackers, wearing crowns and telling knock-knock jokes to each other as they tuck in to yet another prime example of Read Christmas Fare. The traditional turkey was accompanied by pork, pigs in blankets and an array of fresh veg, including the compulsory sprouts and parsnips. All followed by lashings of creamy white sauce atop a slice of Christmas Pud. Merry Christmas to one and all!

What a lovely treat for all! xmas dinner 5.JPG

Some Year 8s, too ravenous to look up for the picture, concentrate on what matters most!

xmas dinner 4.JPG

The Dinner Ladies get into the Christmas spirit with their outfits: Wee Willy Winkie and Scrooge, apparently!

xmas dinner 3.JPG

"If the cap fits, wear it!" The Year 9 boys tuck in whilst trying to get their crowns to stay on!

A Boarding Christmas Round-up!

Boarders' Christmas Party

In amongst all the festivities throughout December was the boarders' Christmas party in the dining room. A buffet tea, followed by party games such as musical chairs, pass the parcel (wearing oven gloves for an added degree of difficulty), and pin the carrot on the snowman (as demonstrated by Will McLaughlan in the picture).

There were also prizes given out for who had been the most creative with their Christmas hats, (bike helmets covered in tinsel for example) as well as who could reproduce the best Santa Claus chuckle. Sue and Kim were on hand to give out selection boxes to everyone as part of the occasion.

A very enjoyable night had by all!

Will Party.jpg

Will tries to pin the carrot on the er, snowman

Nic Lee's charity guitar playing

On Wednesday 14 December, a charity event for 'Action Research for Children' took place at Carlton Towers. This is an annual event which drew in quite a large gathering of people, and as part of this event Nicolas Lee went along to perform on his guitar alongside Mr Moulson.

Playing a selection of songs, Nic's excellent guitar work certainly added to the ambience of the evening to create a nice pleasant atmosphere for the arriving guests as they were wined and dined.

On the basis of what was heard, Nic ought to be invited back to perform in the future!

Nic Lee.jpg

Nic and Mr Moulson jamming together

Pre-Prep Nativity

nat 1.jpg

 Mary and Joseph await the arrival of the baby Jesus

What a busy term! October to December has certainly seen the children and staff kept active; what with a visit from Santa, a pantomime, and our Nativity play. The children absolutely loved rehearsing and performing in their play: "Whoops-A-Daisy Angel".  We laughed as little Elizabeth Kay with great subtle acting skill managed to pull off a comedic role as Whoops-A-Daisy, along with our wayward sheep, who were difficult to control for their shepherds. There was also a lovely emotional response toward Lottie Bayston's beautiful solo. A big well done to all of our children for their hard work and excellent performances!

nat 3.jpg

 The Three Wise Men bring their gifts

nat 2.jpg

 Whoops-a-Daisy Angel with attendant snowflakes!

Former pupils receive their Gold Awards

I was very proud to attend St James's Palace in London last week with four former students who were collecting their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards from the Duke of Wessex.

Mrs Rothwell-Wood

Gold D of E (500 x 281).jpg

Sam Kavanagh, Megan Hughes, Jason Parkash and David Oakley outside St James's Palace