Date Posted: 16/09/2016

12 September; the week at Read

Sixth Form Team-Building Day

Sixth Form once again had their educational jolly to Hatfield Water Park where we gained some great skills in some peculiar ways! It was a great day that helped to break the ice that had started to melt on the first day of term, and to let everyone get to know each other, which we did very quickly, especially as they were holding your safety line while climbing 30 feet.

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A Game of Thrones. Some of the Sixth Form team and the Head Boy (sometimes known as His Majesty, King Alfie the Great) assume their positions for the camera. Crate job Alfie. (Editor's note).

We were split into two teams, one led by the Head Boy, (myself) and the other was Lizzy Limbert, our Head Girl. We started off by doing some activities at least 30 feet up on a vertical obstacle course known as the “Almighty Gladiator challenge” where we raced to the top of the course. The first one to get their leg over the pole at the top won, but it was more of an extreme BT telegraph pole assault course! At the end of this challenge the teams were stuck on the same points with one another; I wasn’t having that!

We moved on to the next challenge where we had to work more as a team to complete the challenge.
As I said to my team, “it’s very important we work as a team and that means you do exactly what I say!” It worked as we won the challenge with time to celebrate as we had to get from one side to the other with only using crates, we were at least five minutes ahead of the others, a clear victory for us.

We then moved on to the water activities after our spot of lunch on the green where we would have to get into a lake which had the equivalent temperature of a bath heated by a cigarette lighter. We got kitted up with our hands in our life jackets looking like a PCSO at a football match, ready to have some great fun. Our team was now in the lead but to keep our reigning title, we had to paddle in big catamarans as a team to one side of the lake and back, a good kilometre in distance. Our team bagged another point leaving only two challenges left. The "surf challenge" and "last man standing".

The surf challenge was to see who got the furthest by jumping on to the surf board, it was a point to Lizzy’s team as she had the professional surfer dude, Sam Harrison who took the winning point for his team. It all relied on the last challenge, the last man standing which contained a part of the jetty floating in the water while the victimised team members got onto the jetty to see who could gracefully knock the other off. It was another win for Lizzy’s team with some great tactics by Nocturne who just let everyone else fight till he was the only survivor! 

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Vivian and Whitney enjoying their first foray into a kayak.

The final score was 8:8, a draw to the two teams, well that’s what they thought, but we knew the true winners. It was a great day where everyone was able to get to know each other in a much less formal manner which benefited everyone. It helped the Lizzy and me to work with the prefects as a successful team. Most importantly, it helped everyone get to feel comfortable as everyone was in some embarrassing situations, whether it be a revealing fitted harness or walking out of the lake looking like a Channel 4 river monster. It was a great day to start off the year and huge thanks don’t just go out to the team at Hatfield Water Park but to the Sixth Form tutors, Mr Garrard and Miss Cross for organising the day. Thank you from all of us in the Sixth Form!

Alfie Thomlinson, Head Boy

In at the Deep End!

The Pre-prep and Prep School children began their swimming lessons at Selby Leisure Centre this week. The children from Reception up to Year 4 went on Monday afternoon and the Year 5 and 6 children went on Thursday afternoon. This will happen weekly for a period of ten weeks and is an excellent opportunity for the children, who were all enthusiastic and impeccably behaved. There is clearly some excellent talent already - perhaps some budding Olympians!

 The PFA are in the 'Hood'


The Hoodies are here!  Collected on the hottest day of the week (and year?) and some children put them on for PE and didn’t want to take them off!  It was great to see them worn with pride at the Bowling evening as well.  Orders are now being taken for the second print run.  Three size samples are available to try on in the Bursar's Office.  Email me for an order form at Please remember that hoodie orders must be in by the 30th of September.


Tickets will be on sale for the Family Quiz Night on 7 October next week.  Do keep an eye out for information as tickets are limited and after the success of the Bowling evening, are predicted for a quick sell out and won’t be available on the door.  Hot food and pudding will be included in the ticket price, so tea is sorted.  Alfie and his Sixth Form team have some very interesting and challenging quiz sections for us to look forward to.

PFA Newcomers’ Social Evening at Selby Super Bowl


Sixth Former Joe Richards celebrates a strike!

On Wednesday evening from 6pm till 9pm the Selby Superbowl was taken over by the Read School. The night, which was organised by Mrs Ratcliffe and her team of glamorous assistants of the PFA volunteers who put the whole event together. There were loads of activities going on with the bowling and laser quest on offer. Some serious games of bowling occurred with the Alpha males of the house, the dads, but more so in the laser quest where many dads took the opportunity to take one out on their own kids, away from the watchful eye of mother! The boarders were also invited to come along and use the facilities and get a chance to meet the newcomers of the school. It was a great evening and time to let everyone get to know each other just that little bit more and show the amazing work the PFA does. A very warm welcome from myself (Head Boy) and Head Girl, Lizzy Limbert to the school.  I think a huge thank you goes out to Mrs Ratcliffe and the team for putting on a great night!  

Alfie Thomlinson, Head Boy

The Return of those Spuds and Berries!


The manager at the farm shop 'Spuds and Berries' has challenged our Year 9 pupils to design and make a savoury product that is suitable to be sold in either their deli counter or in the restaurant. Pupils visited yesterday to speak to the manager and chefs and find out more about the brief. They were advised to use locally sourced, high-quality ingredients and are to submit a fact sheet with their final dish explaining their choice and showing costings.  They were also shown around the kitchen and were given the opportunity to speak to the chefs about what sells well and could see the equipment available to them. The pupil with the best idea will win a family meal for four and their product will be served in the shop or restaurant. I will let you know who is the lucky pupil!

Mrs Rothwell-Wood