Date Posted: 17/06/2016

13 June: the week at Read

Year 8 Book Reviews - Part 4

images (150 x 231).jpgVote for Who? by Jonathan Maitland

Vote for Who? is a book based on politics which is mainly based on the General Elections and who you should vote for. This book answers the most commonly asked questions about politics. The questions that are asked are used as chapter titles (e.g. Let us pay: Where do our taxes go?) and the chapter only explains that question so there’s a lot to read about that particular query (with a bit of humorous pictures and the author’s own experiences). Also this book explains how the general government works and about how certain laws started out etc. This information helps the reader to understand the answers to the questions asked a bit more.

This book would be of interest to those who are interested in politics or to people who would like to find out a bit more about politics or about how the government works. I think that adults would be a bit more interested in this book than a teenager would be because some of the words, phrases and expressions are a bit hard to understand. A child might think “I don’t understand anything in this book, I’m not going to bother reading it if I can’t understand what anything means”, but if you are a teenager or a child and you do want to read this book, just ask a parent, look in a dictionary, or look on the internet if you don’t understand something.

Isla McLellan

  Inter-House Singing Competition

On Wednesday 8 June the Prep School’s annual Inter-house singing competition took place. The three House Captains and their Vice-Captains gathered their House members together and decided on two solos, a duet and a group piece to perform to the judges and the audience. Children as young as eight stood up and sang on their own and the team spirit, as well as support for children in other Houses, was fantastic to witness. Unicorn were victorious, beating Phoenix by just one point! Dragon came in third, but still did themselves and us proud. I would like to thank Mrs Maunsell and Mr Harrison for giving up their time to come and judge the performances and for the feedback they gave to the children. 

Mrs Wake


Dragon                 Oscar Addy                         King of the Swingers

Phoenix                Emily Phillips                      Colours of the Wind

Unicorn                Lizzie Wake                         Moon River

Dragon                 Lizzy Nield                           I Will Return

Phoenix                Joe Scholefield                  Stitches

Unicorn                Henry Holder                     Gingerbread Man


Dragon                 William Harrison & Isaac Stephens           Power in Me

Phoenix                 Martha Thomas & Mary Couch                   For the First Time In Forever

Unicorn                Henry Holder & Lexie Maw                          Doe a Deer


Dragon                 Believe

Phoenix                Sing

Unicorn                I Am a Small Part of the World Photo house singing competition.jpg

Design Technology Innovations

Year 6 have just completed a graphics unit of work designing party boxes aimed at primary children. Their graphical talents are well honed as you can see by the quality of work produced.

Mrs Rothwell Wood

Y6 party boxes.jpg


Start young! These graphic products show the time and care these Year 6 pupils have put into their first major project.

Saskia Bindloss at Jo Ro Theatre.jpg

The Little Shop of Horrors!

Saskia Bindloss, of 7KP will be performing in the ensemble in this well known play by Howard Ashman. You may remember, we too put on a musical production of this four years ago, complete with huge mechanical carnivorous plant!

If you can make it, I would highly recommend grabbing a ticket: Saskia, you may recall performed as Mr Bumble the beadle in Oliver! last year. Best of luck, or rather I should say, break a leg Saskia!

DT: The Anodising Process


Alfie Thomlinson, Joe Richards, Tom Wilburn and Jess Young amid the contraptions of the Chemistry lab.

Lower Sixth Product Design A level pupils were given the opportunity to see some aluminium being anodised. Mrs Rothwell-Wood sought help from Dr Staves to show them the process.


Dr Staves, shortly before putting 50,000 volts through the Sixth Form group


Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

jacksons visit.jpg

Year 10 Food Technology and Business Studies pupils visited Jacksons Bakery in Hull this week to help learn about production methods in industry which is a part of both GCSE courses. The pupils had to adhere to strict health and safety rules including wearing the outfits shown in the photograph. They were amazed to see the scale of production at Jacksons who produce 7,000 loaves an hour! They had many quality control measures in place to ensure that their bread is of the highest quality. 85% of sandwiches sold in the UK are made using Jacksons loaves. It was an interesting and educational visit.

Moloney Trust Music Competition

Moloney Trust comp.jpgMonday this week saw this year's Moloney Trust Music competition take place.

Mrs Sarah Garrard was this year's adjudicator and she had the very difficult job of choosing the winners from the many pupils who entered in a multitude of different classes.

This year's overall winners were declared as;

Senior School winner: Ellie Williams, Year 10

Prep School winner: Joseph Wake, Year 2

The prize for Most Improved Musician will be announced later and all three winners will be able to collect their trophies on Commemoration Day.