Date Posted: 18/11/2016

14 November; the week at Read

U11 Rugby Boys Continue Surging Success

 u11 rugby v scar.jpg

The U11s travelled to Scarborough last Friday in confident mood following their dominant performance and opening game victory at Fulneck last month.
On a tight and short pitch, open spaces were at a premium with both sides often found bunching. However, it wasn't long till Read exploited the gaps out wide with debutant Andrew Payne running in 2 tries. Buoyed by the quick 10 points, Read grew in confidence with Joe Scholefield, Roman Collinson and Luke Moseley making inroads through the Scarborough pack with some strong, determined bursts of pace. With 5 tries scored in the first half, it was expected that Scarborough would start the second half resolutely and so they did with 2 quick tries. Any hope of a comeback was soon extinguished though as Isaac Stephens ran down the wing to restore order and score the first of 4 more Read tries. A pleasing performance but forthcoming challenges against Hull Collegiate and Ampleforth in particular will test our capabilities. Final Score : Scarborough 15 - 45 Read.

 U13 Hockey

  u13 action shot.jpg

Georgia Beaumont strikes the ball with purpose for Read U13s

It was a chilly and wet morning but the girls arrived enthusiastic and determined to make the day a success. They started hard and made some great passes that enabled them to penetrate the defence of the opposition. With Daisy Heywood on the right wing, Isobel Campbell-Baldwin in centre forward, Polly Brooks on the left and Gabriella Athraby in the centre midfield we had a formidable formation. Ellie Harrison showed flexibility in her positioning on the pitch and managed to score a very impressive goal up front. The set plays were starting to come to fruition and Isobel reaped the rewards on the end of another brilliant goal. It was a great game with the ball stretching down the pitch and it was hard for Ackworth to get through Lily Handforth and Georgia Beaumont. Lexie Maw was sharp in goal, defending with outstanding spatial awareness and although one slipped past there could have been more. Polly Brooks scored a fantastic reverse stick flick on goal which hit the back of the net, overall resulting in a 3-1 success.

 U15 Hockey

 u15 action shot.jpg

 Grace Handforth takes the ball forward for Read U15s

The U15 girls arrived promptly and now realise the importance of starting sharp. After a thorough warm-up I saw a much more mentally prepared team ready to start straight after the U13 game. I think the girls realised that they needed to up their game and after taking advantage of the opportunity for additional Saturday training sessions this term, rather than always relying on fixtures to progress their game, the girls looked ready. This was our re-scheduled game against Ackworth and the girls were going to make sure that we played like we can play. They came on to the pitch strong and with two rolling subs we could work hard and support each other. Alex Collinson, Katie Watson, Annie Henry, Holly Langdale, Grace Handforth and Abigail Senior were our main attackers and they showed that they were able to move into space and receive on the move with greater accuracy. In training we have been working on rolling off players, the flick over a stick and V drag to try and dodge past opponents. This was an opportunity for all these skills to be applied and I was so pleased to see these techniques being used successfully. Alex Collinson scored 5 goals in addition to Grace Handforth and Holly Langdale who scored 1 each. This is not without the setup and injection from team-mates and often goals are scored due to this teamwork. Amy Lister, Lucy Barrick and Philippa Musson are our strong defenders and at one point Philippa Musson dived to save the goal. The final score was 8-0 due to Ackworth conceding another goal in the closing moments. It was a great game and the girls were given the opportunity to play different positions towards the latter part of the game in order to challenge themselves. I hope that there is the same preparation in the lead up to future games.


I really want to mention how pleased I am with the girls and their progress. I did have two Saturday training sessions pencilled in last half term, however with the re-scheduling of this Ackworth fixture, it enabled us to have three training sessions. I believe "quality" training is one of the most important factors in developing a team and I was once told by a very wise coach that training is the MOST important aspect. He also said that if training is made harder than the game, it makes the game easier. The results of the girls' efforts have paid off and their performance was outstanding on Saturday. I think it's vital that we teach children the importance of preparation, which is not just vital for sport but for all aspects of life........ examinations, presentations, music exams etc.

"I hated every minute of training, but I said, Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion." Muhammad Ali

Netball 2017

Looking ahead to next season, it is looking very busy so just to give you a heads up that the only weekends where there are not netball fixtures or training are 28th January and 18th March. Hope that we can have a similarly successful and committed netball term.

I am pleased to say that this trip will be going ahead and I will be in touch soon to collect final payments.

Mrs Prosser

Read Boy Makes His Play for the Big Time

Alex Wilkinson, Year 9 pupil at Read School, has made it to Scunthorpe United, being picked for them by ex-Sheffield Wednesday coach, Kevin Austin. He is playing centre-forward for the U14 team, whose home matches are being played at Saint Lawrence Academy in Scunthorpe.

So far this season Alex has played in half a dozen matches, against such local luminaries as  York City, Grimsby, Doncaster, Notts County and Bradford. In his last match Alex scored twice to put away the game for his team.

The regime is a tough one though as they play on a Sunday, but train on Monday, Thursday, Saturday. Alex has a rival though - his brother! Oliver Wilkinson plays for Man City U7s; which as you can imagine with such disparate geographical location, results in an awful lot of time spent taxiing the boys around by mum and dad!

Alex continues to pursue his dream of playing high-level football: but what is interesting is that these teams are not in a league system, but play lots of fixtures against each other to accrue as much match experience as they can possibly get.

Remembrance Day: 2016

Rem marching.jpg

The CCF Army and RAF contingents march down to church to the solemn beat of the drum

A beautiful November sun shone out, intensifying the golden tinge to the fallen leaves lying upon the ground as we set off for the church; the sound of forlorn birdsong echoing in our ears. As is the case this time every year, our purpose this morning was to make our way down to our local Drax church and remember those who had given everything for their country. It was Remembrance Day. Our service this morning was to be led by Anna Burr, a local vicar who we may be seeing a great deal more of in the near future! She provided a sterling service and sermon, both of which reflected upon the horrors of war, particularly World War 1, as we head toward the centenary commemorating the onset of that most dreadful of conflicts, the Battle of the Somme.

Thank you to you, the parents, friends, and governors of the school who also turned up in force to watch the CCF parade and to take part in the service.

 Rem wreaths.jpg

The Remembrance Wreaths, soon to be followed by the school pupils' own poppies lie in memory of those boys who gave their lives in the great conflicts of the last century

Duke of Edinburgh Training Walks March On

D of E walk on sunday.jpg

Zain, Isla, Holly and Spencer of Year 9 stop for a quick break during a Bronze D of E practice walk in Warter, near Pocklington.

In other D of E news...

Congratulations to Harry Woodall and Lucy Barrick who recently achieved their Bronze Award. This will be presented at Selby Abbey on March 22nd at 7.00 pm. So if you set off now, you will make it in good time to the church.

Fruits of our Labours

Some of the fruit and vegetables from the school garden on their way into the canteen for pupil lunches. What could be better, fresh from the garden into the kitchen then onto our plates? Nutritious and delicious!

produce from garden.jpg

Just some of the fresh produce from the school garden which makes its way into the dining hall on a daily basis!

alfie in garden.jpg

Matthew Cook, Mr Patrick and Alfie Thomlinson at work on the 350 Commemorative Garden

MC with marrow.jpg

One for the Guinness Book of Records? When does a courgette become a marrow? I think we can safely say that this one is a marrow Matthew!