Date Posted: 20/05/2016

16 May: the week at Read

Year 8 Book Reviews

Parents often ask English teachers to recommend books for their children. My own childhood was spent devouring any story about ponies I could find. However, I appreciate that not every young reader will be enthralled by 'The Saddle Club'! Often, children themselves can be the best source of recommendations. Indeed, I would never have read books from the 'Eragon', 'Twilight' and 'Divergent' series had they not been recommended by pupils. Year Eight impressed me recently with the breadth and variety of their personal reading, and they have agreed to share some of their recommendations via this newsletter.  We hope to include a different review each week over the next few newsletters and I hope that you enjoy their recommendations.

Miss Cross

Gangsta Granny by David Walliams                  Gangsta_Granny_Cover (100 x 156).jpg

Ben, a young boy, loathes having to stay with his Granny every Friday. He finds her boring and repetitive. Ben finds many diamonds, rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings clustered together in a tin in his Granny’s house. This book is about how his Granny came to have a stash of jewels hidden her home.

 We think this book would be suitable for ages 8 and above to read by themselves. However we think younger children will enjoy the book if it is read to them. If you like David Walliams and you find him funny this would be good for you. We have also read Demon Dentist, Boy in the Dress, Mr Stink, Billionaire Boy, Rat Burger, and we think that they are all great.

This book is now a film on TV and a live show on stage. The book is different from the film so there might be a little surprise in there for you. It took me a week to read. You can read this pretty much anywhere, on the beach, in the car, anywhere!

Zain Khan and Spencer Smith

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award practice expedition

Last Saturday and Sunday. 17 Year 9 pupils took part in their Bronze Practice expedition with the aim of exploring Fountains Abbey near Ripon. The weather on both days was absolutely gorgeous, although the temperature at night dipped to around freezing and everyone woke up on Sunday morning searching for adjectives to describe how cold they had been!

Mr Gisbourne

 IMG_0453 (200 x 267).jpg  IMG_0462 (200 x 267).jpg

IMG_0461 (200 x 267).jpg  IMG_0473 (200 x 267).jpg

Diamond Jubilee Garden Party for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

On Monday Mr Gisbourne attended the Diamond Jubilee Garden Party at Buckingham Palace where he received the plaque for The Read School becoming a licensed organisation, from Mr Zac Purchase (MBE), the Olympic gold medal rower.

Also in the same small group on the lawns of Buckingham Palace, former pupil Bryony Chapman received her Gold Award and had a chat with Prince Philip himself.

Bryony gold Award.jpg

Bryony in the grounds of Buckingham Palace in the sunshine

Prep School field visit to Hornsea

Photo0630 (375 x 500).jpg

If you happened to see three Read School buses travelling in convoy along the M62 on a sunny Tuesday morning, it was the Prep School on our way to Hornsea. We managed to keep up with each other through the centre of Hull and arrived in Hornsea, which was equally as sunny as Drax, just in time for our Victorian morning at Hornsea Museum. The children were dressed in authentic Victorian outfits (you just had to ignore the Nike tops, jeans, trainers etc underneath) and took part in three activities: learning about the Victorian kitchen, the foods they ate, how they cooked them, bathing in front of the fire and taking in the horrifying news about the toilet situation in those days; a lesson in a Victorian school where they practised some intricate writing on a slate as well as an insight into the discipline procedures and finally a lesson in how to wash clothes using a mangle and some good old elbow grease.

Photo0639 (500 x 375).jpgWe then ate our lunch in the beautiful sunshine, Photo0644 (375 x 500).jpgbefore heading onto the beach for some activities in beach art, a whistle-stop geography lesson on sea defences and sand formation and a team building water challenge, all of which were great fun. Next it was time to line up for the eagerly-anticipated ice-cream. The Whippy machine had obviously not had so much action for a while as it kept malfunctioning due to the demands we made on it, however everyone managed to get their cone, then go and spend their pocket money in the gift shop before we set off back to school.   Photo0652 (500 x 375).jpg

The children were impeccably behaved throughout the day, which was commented on by the museum staff and the ice cream lady, fraught as she was with the machine’s antics. We were very proud of them, as always and will have many happy memories of the day. The few photos shown here are just a selection: there will be a fantastic display in the Prep School to come and have a look at. Thank you to all the children and staff for making it such a special day.

Mrs Wake

Photo0657 (500 x 375).jpg

Conquering her fears in the name of Art!

This photo was taken by Art teacher Miss Williamson, showing Upper Sixth Former Khanh Tong working on the final part of her art exam.  The piece is an impressive six feet high, with spray can techniques, some stencil work and origami - inspired by Magritte it has a man with an origami bird for a head!! It's an amazing effort from someone who is a bit scared of heights!

Well done Khanh!

Khanh Tong (373 x 500).jpg