Date Posted: 20/11/2015

16 November; the week at Read



"Two Fat Ladies, Eighty Eight!" The headmaster demonstrates his skill as a bingo caller, much to the audience's delight.

Last Friday the PFA put on one of their much lauded school community entertainment nights. It was a great opportunity for us all to play some Bingo and Beetle together, as it brought children as young as 4 in, up to 80 year old veterans who could remember playing Bingo during the Blitz as the bombs whistled overhead!

There was much fun to be had, with additional raffles, a food stall and a bar; there was plenty to keep us busy. The rules of the  Beetle drive were a real social leveller, as participants were encouraged to move from table to table circulating with others they might not necessarily know so well as they played: I remember one specific game where I was sitting with a lovely old lady on my right and a youngster on my left - Marcus I think his name was - who I believe is in Year 1, playing Beetle. We all had a chat, and thought to help Marcus with his drawing of his beetle and the rolling of the dice. Well, we needn't have bothered; not only was he perfectly capable of doing this on his own, he completely wiped the floor with us with his score!

A vote of thanks has to go out to Karen Ratcliffe for being the compere and her able team on the PFA for organising the evening and giving us so much fun.

One mystery remains, which perhaps only the headmaster can solve: why is number 14 called out in bingo terms as "The Lawnmower"?

Arise Dragon!IMG_1956.jpg

KS3 pupils have been involved in house competitions to design good marketable ideas for the upcoming school production, Oliver. I went to judge the entries last week and to be honest there wasn't much to choose between the three houses, so much so, that we have decided to extend the competition and create a second one for the ticket design for the play.

In the end though Dragon were judged to be the best all-round house for their promotional ideas; using some great artistic talent alongside their culinary capabilities, as they baked buns to go along with the ticket sales. Great idea ladies! The winning team is pictured below, the Dragonettes!


The Dream Team from left to right: Abbie, Holly,Hannah, Olivia, Holly, and Jess. Well done!

Autumn Concert


Alice Simmons playing and singing Ed Sheeran's The A Team.

On Friday 6 November pupils from KS2, 3 and 4 performed at the autumn concert.  There were many performances with music from musicals to pop and heavy rock.  Matthew Harrison played ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ by Bon Jovi on his guitar and the KS3 band (formerly known as the KS2 band) played ‘Summer of 69’.  This was balanced out by music from the 60s with Lizzie Wake singing ‘I only want to be with you’ and Evangeline singing Cilla’s ‘Anyone who had a heart’. 

There were many other fantastic performances by Amy and Isla McLellan on piano, flute and vocals and Alice Simmons singing and playing the guitar.  The concert was closed by the KS4 GCSE music group singing ‘See you again’.  There is some very good talent coming through from the Prep School and the more these children perform to an audience the better.  If you know anywhere we can showcase this talent please get in touch and we will do our best to provide top class entertainment.  Next week we are singing at Park Lodge Shooting School, Cowick for the PFA Christmas Shopping extravaganza.  Come along, spend some money and see Read pupils at their best.  Here’s to the next gig!


Lizzie Wake singing ‘I only want to be with you’


Matthew Harrison playing "Living on a Prayer". Bon Jovi gave me that expression when I was a lad too!