Date Posted: 21/10/2016

17 October; the week at Read

Open for Business!

 Ben unveils the plaque.jpg

The unveiling of the plaque!

The new MUGA surface was officially opened yesterday, with a number of you, the parents in attendance! If you didn't manage to get here, you missed a treat. We had a very special guest in the form of Ben Pipes, captain of Team GB's Olympic volleyball team to perform the ceremony. A big thank you goes out to Ben, as he was inspirational to the children, answering their questions with ready wit and disarming modesty. The over-riding theme of his speech to the pupils was that all people can achieve phenomenal success, but you have to be prepared to work hard and practise your talent, over and over again, in order to refine it, whether it be in sport, or in any other area of life. Thanks to all parents, pupils and governors who attended.

Ben p talks to the kids.jpg

Question Time: The prep students get to ask some questions of the Olympian

Esemble for the opening of the MUGA.jpg

Ensemble photo! Some students have definitely been taught to say cheese! Also, is Ben standing on a box at the back of the crowd or is he really 7 foot tall?

Heart Start

Heart Start Y10.jpg

Year 10 girls Lucy Barrick, Amy Lister and Alex Collinson apply CPR to the mannequins brought in by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

Tuesday the 18th of April was Restart a Heart Day, an initiative created by the Yorkshire Ambulance service in 2014 which now takes place across the whole of Britain and is taking off as far away as Australia. The idea is to teach the basics of emergency First Aid and CPR to as many people as possible in one day. 

At Read we were visited by two members of the Yorkshire Ambulance service who throughout the day instructed every pupil from Year Five to the Upper Sixth in assessing a casualty, chest compressions, and rescue breaths using Resusci-Anne mannequins. For some pupils this was a recap of skills learnt in the Combined Cadet Force, for others it was an introduction to training which will be built upon later within the school, but thanks to the Yorkshire Ambulance service and the British Heart Foundation every pupil left the session feeling more confident in giving emergency life-saving care. Heart start staff.jpg

The team: paramedic Stephen Schofield (some of you may remember him as an old boy from  a decade ago!) along with the Head, Josie Smith (the school matron), Rhona Russell and paramedic Paul Brown.

Reported by Eloise Hewson

Hockey U13 and U15 v The Mount School Saturday 15th October 2016

U13 Hockey_renamed_14837.jpg Girl power! The U13s boost morale before the game commences.


The girls were all raring to go after a thorough warm-up and they had their hearts set on a win. The Mount School seemed to be strong so it looked like it was going to be a closely fought match. We managed an early goal so our confidence was high. The defence of Georgia Beaumont and Olivia Crossley was solid and with Lexie Maw in goal, there were plenty of saved shots. We soon went into a 3-0 lead with some superb crosses from captain Gabby Athraby, Charlotte Fildes and Daisy Heywood on to the receiving stick of vice captain Polly Brooks. Isobel Campbell Baldwin provided essential supportive play and with this combination up front we secured a 5-2 win. An outstanding performance! Well done girls.

U15 hockey.jpg

Equalisers. The often victorious U15s have to settle for a draw on Open Morning.


The U15 girls have been training hard and their performance in lessons has showed great promise. Alex Collinson, Annie Henry, Holly Langdale, Abigail Senior and captain Katie Watson provided a competent formation up front and this resulted in two goals. However a little bit of complacency kicked in and the girls underestimated the force of The Mount School. Amy Lister and Lucy Barrick had their work cut out in defence and Isla McLellan played as goalkeeper for her first match of the season. There were plenty of shots being fired in and the girls did a great job of fending The Mount off, but they did manage to equalise 2-2 in the close of time.

FutureChef Competition 2017

This week the school heat of the FutureChef competition was held. Pupils ranging from Years 8 to 11 participated and the standard was high.

Competitors were judged on their workmanship and how tidy and organised they were, the nutritional balance of their meal and the balance of flavours and the presentation.

Masterchef 1.jpg

Celia Wu was the winner making a delicious Chinese beef with noodles. She made her own noodles and the flavours in the dish were incredible.

Second position went to Evangeline Barnby who made a very tasty Japanese dish of rice with Katsu turkey, I was very impressed with the flavours and the presentation of the dish which was very well thought out and even included a pot of Japanese tea to serve with it!

Two pupils who were very close to being chosen were Harry Woodall who made a very healthy salmon dish with a baby leaf salad and Honor Ratcliffe who made a delicious cheesy celery and ham.

Watch out for two budding chefs from Year 8, Max Hammell and Sam Fildes; once they gain some more experience in the subject they will be strong contenders. A great first attempt from them both.

All competitors will receive a FutureChef certificate and Celia and Evangeline will be taken through to the second round of the competition where they will be cooking against pupils from other schools in a cookery college in Leeds. 

Mrs Rothwell-Wood

Hockey - Monday 17th October

  U13 Hockey 2.jpg

The U13s ride to victory again!

The sun was shining and the girls were all still buzzing from their win on Saturday against The Mount School. However, we could not get complacent as The Minster School always put out a strong team against us. We started well with some superb attacking strategies and with crosses from Gabby Athraby and Polly Brooks on the left post we managed to score two goals. The defenders Lily Handforth and Georgia Beaumont proved to be hard to get through and Lexie Maw had an outstanding game in goal. With Charlotte Fildes, Daisy Heywood, Isobel Campbell Baldwin and Ellie Harrison supporting play we performed the best I've ever seen. The final score was a 3-1 win against Minster School's U13 A team. Really proud of you all!

Mrs Prosser