Date Posted: 23/10/2015

19 October: the week at Read

History in the Making


Year 5 (above) designed and made Tudor houses as part of a hybrid lesson bringing together facets of their DT and History learning. They looked carefully at pictures of Tudor houses and reflected upon how they could design authentic replicas. They worked hard on assembling boxes, using paper mache to give them structure and strength. Black card added the finishing touches to ensure that the finished product looked like the real thing!


 Year 3 & 4 went through a similar process to complete these Roman Shields. Fantastic work gang!

So we come to the end of a busy half term.  There has been lots going on throughout the school, as recorded in this newsletter and I hope you have enjoyed reading it.  A somewhat shorter version this week; a lot of the senior pupils have been away in Barcelona this week on a cultural visit and returned very early this morning, no doubt feeling exhausted after the mammoth walkabouts undertaken every day!

The Autumn Term restarts on Monday 2 November at 8.45 am.  A happy and restful half term to you all.

Mark Voisey

Deputy Headmaster