Date Posted: 16/09/2016

19 September: the week at Read

U15 Hockey: Read v Mount St Mary's

U15 hockey 2.jpg

It was obvious from the start of the match that this was going to be a tough game. Mount St Mary's (MSM) were very strong through the midfield and had a few scoring opportunities but with Lucy Barrick, Anya McAvoy and Amy Lister in defence, it proved to be a formidable combination and MSM struggled to convert the attacking moves into goals. The girls soon sorted their strategy out and fought back with some excellent set plays, producing two goals. At half time Read were leading and feeling positive. Katie Watson, Grace Handforth, Annie Henry, Holly Langdale and Alex Collinson put in some superb supportive play and with Abigail Senior on the end of a cross, we scored another goal. MSM kept at it and managed two goals but with Amy McLellan in goal, we successfully held them off, securing a 3-2 win. 

An excellent start to the season. Player of the match voted by the opposition was Alex Collinson.
Mrs Prosser

 U15 hockey.jpg

Read U13s v Mount St Mary's

U13 hockey.jpg
The U13s were keen and raring to go. The game started well and the ball was up and down the pitch but it was clear that MSM had some strong players. Soon into the game they had already scored four goals. The girls battled hard and had a few shooting opportunities but they struggled to find the back of the goal. After half time the girls considered their strategy and went back on fully charged with superb perseverance from the team. After MSM took their two Sheffield players off we managed to score three goals, but unfortunately it was a little too late and we conceded an 11-3 defeat.  However, there was some great potential shown and the girls are ready to work on their skills ready for the next game.
Keep going girls!

Mrs Prosser

It's a Bloody Business

IMG_2676.jpgYear 7 have kickstarted their year in Science by becoming doctors and learning about the human body in
our A&E topic. In order to learn more about specialised cells they took a look at their own red blood cells
under the microscope. They were particularly interested to find out that these cells had no nucleus, unlike
the cheek cells they had seen earlier in the week.  IMG_4879.jpg

"I thought it was very interesting, I really enjoyed seeing my blood cells move around on the slide" Rory Ansdell. 


350 Commemorative Garden

Update by Alfie Thomlinson

memorial garden.jpg

Mr Patrick and the gardening club are creating a Commemoration Garden for the 350 celebrations. The garden will be a contemplative and peaceful place for Old Draxonians and present school family to go and remember their days at the school, or to just enjoy the pleasant surroundings. Pupils have been planting trees and shrubs. They will be continuing to develop the garden over the coming months, to include a focal centre-piece. It is intended there will be benches where people can sit and spend some time in the garden. If anyone would like to make a donation towards a bench for Old Draxonians this can be included in the garden and named plaques can be placed on the benches. As can be seen, the pupils are working very hard with this enterprise and thoroughly enjoying their time doing so; alongside learning about various plants and shrubs - including their Latin names and important gardening skills.

memorial garden 2.jpg