Date Posted: 06/05/2016

2 May: the week at Read

Pupil Success at the annual Barnsley Youth Music & Drama Festival

Banrsley 2016 photo 1.jpg  Barnsley 2016 photo 2.jpg

Evangeline and her hoard of trophies                               A Read School take on a pose from Mamma Mia!

This year was again a fantastic week of competition with many trophies won. 

Amy and Isla McLellan won two trophies for their drama performances and Amy also won the piano duet trophy with Edward Marwood (not a Read pupil).  Isobel Campbell–Baldwin and Lizzie Wake won their mime class and Mary Couch won the recorder class.  Mary was very proud of her trophy as it shows the previous winners’ names, mainly being the four members of the Torn family.  Other notable performances were by Isaac Stephens and Jack Mustill for their mime performance where they were placed first, but unfortunately they didn’t have enough points to win the trophy.

Just in case you thought I had forgotten someone, Evangeline Barnby won in total eight trophies incluing a special award for the Most Promising Speech Performer of the Festival.

The Read School pupils wore their uniform with pride and put the Read School firmly on the map.  Their behaviour was exemplary and they all performed very well.

To see more details of the festival see the next issue of the Draxonian magazine later in the year.

Julie Clark

School Council

School council (500 x 335).jpgThe School Council meets every fortnight to discuss matters important to the student body and can be seen here being ably chaired by Lower Sixth Former Alfie Thomlinson, and under the watchful eye of Mr Moulson. 

This Read School council has now been up and running for the past term and a half and we have now got together our council having established the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and now the Treasury/Chancellor. Our School Council manifesto will be published in the next week as we are putting the final details together before we present this to the school on the ideas and aims we hope to fight for and to carry out in the Summer Term of 2016.

Please don’t think that we have closed our doors after creating our manifesto as we constantly want to hear of any issues within the school or any ideas that would benefit the school and all parties involved.  This mainly involves the students as these are the people who we stand for; we are here to voice your opinions, simply speak to your representative in your form and they will express your point of view at the next meeting which occur every two weeks at 4.00 pm on Tuesdays and we will debate over the case and do what we can to voice your point of view!

We are also creating our committee for the 350th Anniversary and this will be an open door committee where all students are welcome, the dates for these meetings are still being finalised.

The Read School Council,  Making success a habit!

Alfie Thomlinson

CCF skydiving/parachuting weekend

We departed on Friday 29 April at around half past nine ready for a long minibus journey with nine daring cadets, who obviously no brain cells netween them, to go and jump solo out of a plane! After around a five hour journey we arrived at our destination, Neatheravon, (which some of us thought might be our final resting place), and is where the Army Parachute Regiment is based. We arrived late afternoon at the base and found our bearings and then got ourselves a good nights sleep for a long eight hour day of intense training.

skydiving 1.jpg  skydiving 2.jpg

We started our training at around half past eight on the Saturday morning feeling pretty confident until we were shown the malfunction videos of parachute canopies not opening and what to do if that was to occur. It’s easy to say that nearly everyone with some brain cells left, started to think twice but we carried on… a lot wearier, mind you!

skydiving 3.jpg  skydiving 4.jpg

After the intense day of training on what to do if we were going to hit a building, (somehow I felt that was aimed at me) we were ready to jump the next day out of a plane on our own at 3500 feet! We were up bright and early and it’s safe to say there was a few of us taking their time to get kitted up and after a few nervous toilet stops were kitted with our overalls, altimeter, helmet, radio and most importantly our parachute! We then proceeded to the plane, got settled, strapped in and the door shut as we began to taxi.  We then stopped at the runway and the door opened, at this point I had opened my eyes and heard the instructor say, “right then, out we go!”

skydiving 5.jpg  skydiving 6.jpg

I remember thinking to myself, I thought we were jumping out at 3500 feet, not three and a half feet! It turned out the wind had reached speeds that were too fast for us to jump out safely; I must say there were a few relieved people but still a lot of disappointment. There is no need to worry, people, as we have booked another weekend to jump, which is on the last weekend of the summer term.  Make sure you put that in your diaries as we may be able to get more than one jump in as we do not need to redo the training! Overall, it was a very beneficial trip as it means we are able to go again any time as we have become automatic members and if you just rock up at the centre, you can jump the same day at a cost of £30 as many times as you dare!

RAF Cdt Sgt Alfie Thomlinson