Date Posted: 06/11/2015

2 November; the week at Read

Roman at Read

Who better to start off this week, than Mary Couch, a Prep school pupil, whose account of a Roman soldier coming to visit Read is simply fantastic; even more so when you realise that she is only in Year 4!

"On Monday 2nd November a Roman soldier came to visit Years 3 and 4 because of our topic about The Romans. He told us about all aspects of Roman life and what it was like to live in Roman times.

He told us:

  • How to set up a Roman battle – he said setting up a Roman battle is easy because all you need is a big field, the enemy on one side, you and your friends on the other, stare at each other for 20 or 30 minutes and then charge!
  • He told us how Romans went to the toilet – Romans sat next to each other when they went to the toilet, including family members. Just imagine that!
  • He told us how they would get properly clean. For example they used tools called ‘strigils’ to scrape the oil off with the dirt. So really the Romans were cleaner than we are today!
  • The food they ate – the Romans ate bread, porridge, fruit, nuts and berries (if in season).
  • Finally we talked about the houses that Romans lived in. We had a funny moment when the Roman soldier asked how we thought the Romans got showered and Will K said maybe they went out in the rain. We all laughed at the thought of that.

We all really enjoyed meeting the Roman soldier whose nickname was Tallimus and we asked him lots of questions. At the end of the day we went to Moloney Hall, divided into groups called Legions and had a big battle with Roman shields. That was a lot of fun! It was a great way to learn about Roman history and we will never forget the day that the Roman soldier came to Read Prep School.

Written by Mary Couch, Year 4


PFA Bingo and Beetle Drive - Friday 13th November 7.00 pm


If you've no idea what a beetle drive is - don't worry! The idea is a fun social night for parents, kids and families - there'll be food, snacks, a bar, prizes and general fantastic chaos!!! It's a really great opportunity to catch up with other parents (if like me your children have now banished you to the car park at drop off time!), teachers and the extended Read school family.  It would be really helpful if you can buy your tickets before the day as it helps us make sure we have enough refreshments and prizes. Tickets are £3 each or £10 for a family ticket and includes supper and all the entertainment.  It's easy to buy your tickets by sending cash or a cheque addressed to Read School PFA via school reception or emailing  We hope you can support us by joining us next Friday - we look forward to welcoming you and particularly any families new to Read. 


Karen Ratcliffe, Chair of PFA