Date Posted: 24/06/2016

20 June: the week at Read

Year 8 book reviews - Part 5

This is the final book review of the series we had available and we hope you have enjoyed reading them.

Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh by Robert C O'BrienMrs Frisby and the rats of NImh (150 x 225).jpg

Do you like reading a book with lots of dilemmas? Well, this is the right book for you! This book is directed at younger children to love and enjoy, but it is such a classic that older children and adults enjoy it too! The version I read did not have any pictures, but the characters are so well described that it is easy to imagine them.

The characters are mice and rats but they are incredibly human. Mrs Frisby (a mouse) is a typical mother who is desperately trying to save her youngest child Timothy who is seriously ill. While her two older children are looking after Timothy, Mrs Frisby goes to ask a wise old owl for help. The owl tells her to go and see the highly trained, super-smart rats.

The rats had escaped from a laboratory where they were experimented on along with Mrs Frisby’s husband Jonathan. The treatments had made them super clever, but during their escape Jonathan Frisby had died. So the rats want to help Mrs Frisby.

One wonderful aspect to this book is that the rats have a vision. They don’t want to steal from humans or have to sneak around, they want their own space to live in, and they want to grow their own food!

Mrs Frisby learns all about the rats and the death of her husband, and the rats help her and her family move to safety.

It took me about a week to read this book. Most of the chapters are quite short, so I read a few each day. It is a lovely story to sit and read quietly in your spare time.

By Holly Langdale               

(JLR) Jaguar Land Rover Discovery visit

JLR 3.jpg

 Top Gear. Pupils take to the hair-raising test course outside the factory

Business, DT and Geography pupils in Years 9, 10 and Lower Sixth travelled to Solihull in the heart of Birmingham to visit the JLR factory, to see first-hand the operation in action and pupils experienced first-hand Total Quality Management (TQM).  They witnessed lean production techniques, including Just-In-Time (JIT)  and Kiazen (continuous improvement techniques) and the production line on which robots and manual labour work together to produce the cars. All cars coming off the line are made to order, with a target of 150 cars produced per hour.


Pieces of the puzzle: Charlotte and Honor make a model of a chassis

The pupils experienced the educational suite in which they became operatives making models within time constraints and they had a tour of the factory where they witnessed the cars moving along the track through the whole production process. 

They visited the press shop to see the aluminium panels being produced ready for assembly and experienced the off-road jungle track to see the performance of the cars in action.  A long tiring day for all, but a fantastic experience which will help with their learning in these subject areas as they go through GCSE and A level.

Mrs Kavanagh

Prep School Residential to Caythorpe Court

 Jess Henry being lifted by Rory Ansdell.jpg

 Jess Henry negotiating the assault course

The Prep School’s annual residential this year took place at Caythorpe Court in Lincolnshire. The short spell of rain on arrival thankfully did not last and the sunshine was a great reflection of the bright and happy atmosphere we experienced during our time there. The children took part in seven different activities during the daytimes: Vertical Challenge, Problem Solving, Kayaking, Survival, All Aboard and Sensory Trail. These were a mixture of high (scary), water-based and team building activities.


 How many of us would brave these heights?

In the evenings there was a human Cluedo game and a disco, as well as plenty of sport out on the field (and some sweet eating!). The food was absolutely superb and was much-needed after so much fresh air and exercise and the children had to be woken up after the second night, having been exhausted by all the action and excitement. As always, on the way home we talked about how proud we were of the children, how well they got stuck in and how they would probably all be wanting an early night when they got home! A truly memorable experience. For more photos, come to the Prep School Summer Concert on Tuesday afternoon next week!

James Senior.jpg

 On target: James Senior aims for the bull's eye

Mary Couch Emily Phillips grinning kayakers.jpg

Mary Couch and Emily Phillips grin at the camera before hitting the water in their kayaks!

Mrs Wake