Date Posted: 25/11/2016

21 November; the week at Read

Saturday 19th November - Girls' Hockey

hockey training 3 isobel CB.jpg

Unfortunately, Sheffield High School had to cancel last Saturday's fixture due to personal circumstances of their teacher. Although this is disappointing, it can't be helped and I sent our thoughts to the teacher. Instead we decided to take advantage of the situation and had a training session which had full attendance from the U13s and there were three players from the U15 team (Annie Henry, Lucy Barrick and Holly Langdale) who also took part. It was a shame that there weren't more U15s but we had a great session, practising driving the ball, feet positioning when dribbling, flick over sticks, V drag dodge and shots on goal. Let's see if our efforts pay off.

hockey training annie henry.jpg

Annie Henry carries the ball down the wing at speed

 hockey training 5.jpg

Some of the older pupils mentoring the younger ones on shooting tactics

Help Wanted for "The King and I"

As many of you may know, the Senior School production this year is The King and I and we need your help in finding some costumes. All the things lent to us will be looked after but people will be dancing and running about in them, so if they are really precious it may be best to think twice! If you think you can help please contact me on:

 king and i dress.jpg

What we need:

Hooped skirt dresses – like the picture. I am not particular about the style they just need to be full length and hooped. I will need a selection of sizes from age 13 – size 14.

A double breasted suit jacket to fit Mr Gisbourne.

Waistcoats to fit two slim grown boys, preferably flamboyant or oriental in fabric choice.

Can you help?

Ruth Gibbins

The Advanced Maths Challenge

Nick, Sam , Vivian and Claresta represented the school at the regional final located at Fulford School in York. This is a very challenging competition both in the standard of maths and the pressure to solve the problems.
UK Maths Senior Team Challenge Nov 2016.jpg

Sam, Vivian, Nick and Claresta plough their way through the problems to a respectable finish

There were 3 x 40 minute rounds; the first round consisted of 10 challenging questions that the team had to split up to solve in the time allowed. Very challenging questions with the pressure of time. The team scored 36 out of 60.
In the second round the team split into 2 pairs for the Crossnumber Puzzle. One pair were given the across problems and the other pair were given the down problems and there was to be no communication between the pairs, only filling in answers. The team managed to fill in the whole crossnumber but made a mistake on 7 of the 50 digits.
The third round was again in pairs. There were 4 sections of 8 minutes each. The pairs took turns in answering problems but solving a problem depended on getting the right answer from the other pair for the question before. Big pressure to get the right answer. The team got full marks plus a bonus for speed on the first section.

There were 22 schools taking part.  Some of the schools had 2000 pupils, with more pupils in the Sixth Form than in the whole of our school! So well done team! They came a very respectable 10th out of 22. Well done!

Mr Dell

U13 Hockey: Read V The Minster School To g with hockey training ICB and EH.jpg

Isobel Campbell Baldwin looking to make a confident reverse stick pass to Ellie Harrison

The girls were keen and ready to go after working hard in Saturday's training session. The Minster had been caught up in traffic so it was going to be a shorter game than scheduled but the girls were determined to make every second count. The rain was pouring down but we came out full throttle and within the first two minutes we had our first goal due to some fantastic set plays. Polly Brooks, Isobel Campbell Baldwin and Gabby Athraby stood out up front and provided solidity in the attack. In addition to a strong back line with Lexie Maw in goal, it was going to prove tough for our opponents. The score at half time was 3-0 to Read.

I had arranged for everyone in Years 7 and 8 to take part in this match so it was great to get everyone involved, despite this being some of the girls' first matches, they were ready for the challenge. The team quickly scored 2 goals in the first few minutes; Olivia Crossley and Charlotte Fildes stood out as they were performing many of the dodging and movement skills we have been practising and it was great to see them paying off. The final score was 4-1 for the second team so an overall win of 7-1 which is an impressive achievement.
Well done everyone!

Mrs Prosser