Date Posted: 24/09/2015

21 September: the week at Read

Water, Water, Everywhere...


"Er, does that look like a 1986 B-pylon gantry to you Luke?"

"Yes it does, Kaela, it does."

Year 5 visited  Headingley and Esholt Water Treatment Works last Thursday as part of their ‘Water’ topic in Geography. They were given presentations about the water cycle, as well as how they get rid of various ‘baddies’ in the water before we are able to drink it. This was followed by a tour of the Headingley plant, before we drove over the Esholt for the the smelly part! In reality, the smell of the sewage wasn’t quite as overpowering as we had anticipated and Kaela didn’t need the peg for her nose that she had requested! The children were given a presentation about how sewage is treated and learned about ‘poo power’, which caused great hilarity. All of the methane gas is used to power the plant itself. The children took part in another tour, this time by minibus, as the Esholt plant is so vast. They then donned lab coats and became scientists for the last part of the trip, taking part in various watery experiments, such as finding out why streets and houses sometimes flood. The staff at Yorkshire Water were extremely informative and the children had a fantastic day.


"This is ground control to Major Tom." Logan shows Liberto how the sewage can be redirected at the press of a button.


Joe Scholefield looks like he's about to conduct some fiendishly difficult maze runner tests on laboratory mice here. But it's probably something to do with water.

Hockey Update


U13s Isla McLellan, Ellie Harrison, Libby Ansdell, Olivia Crossley, Hannah Hall, Abigail Senior, Anya McAvoy, Holly Langdale

Sat 19 Sept, playing at Ackworth the U13s lost to a strong team 6-0. We improved over the second half and gave a good account of ourselves but were unable to capitalise on the chances created.
The U15s were playing against an older and more experienced Ackworth team, and worked hard but unfortunately also lost 6-0.
Player of the match for the U13s was Ellie Harrison and for the U15s was Alex Collinson

The U13s made a winning comeback after Saturday, playing Hull Collegiate School and coming out 6-0 winners. Goals were scored by Hannah Hall (3), Libby Ansdell and Player of the Match, Abigail Senior (2). A great team effort which should give the girls some confidence going into their next match.
What is it with these scores of 6-0?

Singing in the Rain - Caption Competition Time

biology in the rain.jpg

Ok, parents, students and friends of the Read School. We're going to try something a little new here, an idea which allows for a little audience interaction. I am looking for a suitable, hopefully witty caption to go with this picture taken earlier in the week of Ms Bullock doing some field work with a group of her Sixth Formers. The caption can go below the picture, or can take the form of a speech balloon within the photo itself. Answers on a digital postcard to: You have until the end of play next Wednesday 30th September. Get your thinking caps on, and nothing rude please!