Date Posted: 25/06/2015

22 June: the week at Read

Race for Life.jpg


Just a last minute reminder for all those ladies out there from Mrs Ainley.

"Calling all girls, mums, sisters, grandmas....Read School Race for Life is Sunday, 28th June (Doncaster, 5k).  

Please join our group by signing up on :

Group ID: ST7145

All are welcome!"

Boarders on the Beach

Despite most of us in Yorkshire believing that last Sunday was miserable, windy and wet; this short report from Mrs Clark tells us that the coast had its very own micro-climate last weekend!


Senior boarders and friends enjoy the tropical climate at Bridlington!

Last Sunday 21st of June, 32 staff and pupils went on a trip to Bridlington.  We had hoped for good weather and we were not disappointed!  On arrival the seniors set off with Mrs Sheavyn and the juniors went on the beach.  We paddled in the sea, did some sunbathing then walked into the town where we bought shell fish, burgers, chips and popcorn before the pupils went on the rides.  We walked back again despite some of the pupils wanting to take the train.  Jumping into the buses we then went to Mr Moo's for a giant ice cream.  Some even had two(!) and some brought home tubs of ice cream.  We arrived back at school with most of us having caught the sun, very full and very happy.  Rain? What rain?

RAF CCF Fly High

raf ccf AEF.jpg

From left to right: Hasan Quraishi, Alex Crossley, Clarissa Bahrenburg, Alex Chapman and Alex Marsh.

Last week the RAF cadets went flying to RAF Linton-on Ouse.  For most it was their first time flying, but for Katie Steel it was her last chance before going to University. She has not been able to go flying because the rules had changed on helmet sizing!  She loved it and is now going to apply to the UAS when she is at University.  Everyone had a great time despite the rain and are looking forward to the next time.

A Dramatic Entrance

Mrs Maunsell has been putting the Year 7 students through their paces in drama, letting them engage in some role-play.

Speaking of which, have all of you who would like to have a go at some acting and singing auditioned for Oliver, next season's senior school play? Time is running out - see Mrs Maunsell immediately!

sPENCER cHARLIE drama lesson.jpg

It's a fair cop! Spencer Smith interrogates Charlie Addy.




Hannah Hall and Abigail Senior try to console Amelia Addinall; but to no avail!



Holly Poppy drama.jpg

Holly Langdale implores Poppy Rogers to listen; but Poppy communicates back by signing!