Date Posted: 27/05/2016

23 May: the week at Read

Year 8 Book Reviews - Part 2

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern                  The Night Circus (100 x 152).jpg

The Night Circus is a fictional book set in the late 1800s about a girl called Celia who is the daughter of a magician. Whereas her father uses mirrors and false bottoms to deceive his audiences into thinking he can do magic, Celia has legitimate powers.  The book also focuses on a boy named Marco who is adopted by a rich gentleman after he sees that Marco has powers. The magician and the gentlemen have a wager about the two children. They will be forced to undergo a challenge for the satisfaction of their fathers.

I would expect the people who would enjoy the book the most would be the sort of people who enjoy period dramas such as Pride and Prejudice or more mystical novels like Harry Potter. Although I wouldn’t recommend this novel for very young children as there is some infrequent swearing and it may be difficult for them to understand the old fashioned language.

Francesca Turton

Lessons from Auschwitz project

Sixth formers Alfie Thomlinson and Daniel Johnson recently attended a seminar at the Met Hotel in Leeds, as representatives of The Read School for the ‘Lessons from Auschwitz’ project, set up by the Holocaust Educational Trust, to raise awareness for the events of World War II in which over a million Jewish people were sent to their deaths. This seminar was the starter ahead of the main course, a full day’s visit to Poland the following Wednesday where the boys would be shown around two of the main Auschwitz sites and gain a real appreciation of the horrors of what occurred in the early 1940s across Europe.

Auschwitz1 (500 x 281).jpg

Alfie said; “We travelled to our final destination - Auschwitz Birkenau. The scale of the site was unbelievable! The site alone was at least 10 times the size of the school including its grounds.  I found that small details like the still standing barbed wire fencing said a lot to me, a barrier that was once the deciding factor of one’s freedom!"

AuschwitzBirkenau (500 x 281).jpg

“Auschwitz was an enlightening experience into the true horrors of war,” added Daniel. “Although I have visited it, I still find it hard to cope with what humanity can do to each other. We should all experience Auschwitz to make sure it does never happen again.”

Mr Knowles

Pre-School Royal Garden Party

Mrs Limbert brought in a very special invitation for Show and Tell; she had been invited to go to a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.  The children in Pre-School were very excited and it was agreed to have our own Royal Tea Party in Pre-School whilst Mrs Limbert was at Buckingham Palace and make crowns to wear.Royal garden party 1.jpg

The children very carefully made 'Royal' letters to send home to their parents and used their very best handwriting to let mums and dads know about the Tea Party.  Once they had put them into envelopes they went to watch Miss Walker put a very special blue 'Read School' stamp on the envelopes, just like the red one on Mrs Limbert's from the Queen and then they walked into the village to post them.

One of the children in Year 2 was so impressed by his little sister's letter he copied it and drew a special picture and asked Mrs Limbert to give to the Queen for her birthday and it, along with other pictures from Year 2 were taken all the way to Buckingham Palace by Mrs Limbert and given to one of the Royal Aides.

Back in Pre-School, everyone had a wonderful tea party with lots of food donated by parents and lots of fun party games.   When Mrs Limbert returned she had a brilliant slide show of the palace and the guards and the Queen and her family.

Royal Tea Party (500 x 375).jpg