Date Posted: 28/04/2017

25 April; the week at Read

Selby Rugby Club's Mini Extravaganza!


Joe Scholefield, Selby player, proudly clutches his medal at the end of a closely fought competition.

St George's Day, the birthday (and death-day) of Shakespeare: call it what you will, but last Sunday the 23rd of April saw Selby Rugby Club's latest, highly successful minis tournament across the whole of its expansive site.


More onions sir? Jim Abrams helping out with the catering at pitch-side. Fantastic hot-dogs and burgers barbecued to perfection!

Children as young as 5, right up to the age of 11 took part in the tournament, of which Read School is the proud main sponsor. Clubs as far away as Sheffield, Harrogate and Doncaster sent their brightest and best to play touch and full contact rugby in a group based competition at the full age range. The tournament started at 10.30, with each team playing every other team in their group to yield age-group winners. By 2pm these winners were decided, though in the spirit of the RFU's inclusivity policy, no outright winners were named, rather all players - boys and girls - received their medal for participating.


Headmaster, Dr John Sweetman presents all of the youngsters with their participation medal, in the sunshine, surprisingly!

Pupil Focus: Andrew Payne (Y6)


 "Very accurate for one so young." Andrew surprised everyone at the meet.

We continue our series of spotlighting the various talents and pastimes of our pupil body: this time we are taking a gander at one of our prep pupils, Andrew Payne. Andrew is in year 6, and recently, more or less by chance it was found that the young lad has a talent for shooting; clay pigeon shooting to be precise. Having had a go at it on a few occasions locally, his coach thought that he had the skills and accuracy to take it to the next level. Remembering that this kind of shooting is done with a shotgun, it is no mean feat for a boy of Andrew's age to hold a shotgun properly, let alone fire it with great accuracy! Andrew's mum, Christine takes up the story...

"On strict invite we took Andrew along to the main clay shooting ground at Doveridge to be met by the GB Clay Pigeon Shooting coaches.  Andrew's current coach had the idea they could see him shoot as a one-off and give him some tips and pointers to go away with and work on with a view to joining the team in a couple of years’ time.

However,  after seeing him shoot 2 stands, the Head coach then offered him a place on the team!  He was amazed at how Andrew shot and said that he has the most well-developed, natural talent and how he showed the others, of ages 15-28 years old how to shoot!  We went on the 15th April for the second in 10 training dates – again his shooting was very accurate.   He will also shoot at Cambridge later on in the season.  We also have a couple of firms asking about sponsorship already!"


So, this looks like early days, but clearly, Andrew is a burgeoning talent in this area. Perhaps one day soon he could get someone in the family to shoot some footage to bring into school! What a "Show and Tell" project that would be!