Date Posted: 30/09/2016

26 September: the week at Read

European Languages Day

Teresa and isla 2.jpg

Teresa Weiten and Amy McLellan, of Year 10 presenting to the class

Monday 26th September 2016

The MFL Department enjoyed great EDL celebrations on Monday. We learnt so much and we had great fun finding out about different European countries and about the advantages of learning foreign languages. Lucy Barrick did a fantastic Powerpoint and quiz on Great-Britain, Tom Broomhead, Harry Woodall, Alex Marsh and Amy McLellan presented the positives of learning languages and Teresa Weiten, one of our German students, gave us a tour of her native region. Samuel Barrick was very convincing in his presentation of the European Union. Thank you to all our pupils and also to the dinner ladies who cooked a lovely continental lunch. A great day was enjoyed by all!

Mrs S Chambonnet

Barrick on EDL.jpg

Sam Barrick of the Sixth Form waxing lyrically about the political situation of the European Union

Read U9s 10-2 Minster U9s

U9 boys tag rugby.jpg
The U9 victorious rugby squad

The U9s began the rugby season in the best possible way with a resounding victory over The Minster School on Tuesday afternoon. Early tries from a busy Eddie Campbell Baldwin and quick footed Will Bayston suggested an avalanche of tries was to follow, and the hordes of parents and grandparents on the sidelines were not to be disappointed! With a comfortable 4 try lead at the first break, a bigger emphasis was placed on actually playing some rugby as opposed to running until tagged. The team responded well to these instructions with some fantastic support play as the Read boys drove forward in numbers, always offering options to the ball carrier. Further tries followed as Minster were dragged to and fro, allowing young Worthington, Harrison, Pashley and Kavanagh in to score, with Joseph Wake and Robert Kay also making inroads through the Minster defensive ranks. A very pleasing start to the season that should bring plenty of confidence for the Autumn months ahead.

The History Boys

y7 history ancient villages.jpg

Oscar Addy and Jake Rawlings putting the finishing touches to their Iron Age village

Pupils in Year 7 history have been exploring how people lived in Ancient Britain.  As part of their work the pupils have made models of different types of ancient village.

The Building Projects

Just in case you haven't been on the school site for a while, below are a few pictures of recent ongoing and completed projects. The two main ones are the Music Block development, which is due to be completed early in the Spring Term. Builders have moved through the first phase (demolition!) and are now into the second (reconstruction) so the jackhammers are away to be replaced by bricks and mortar. The New Music Project.jpg

Head and Builders.jpg

Tom Smith (Health and Safety), John Sweetman (Headmaster), and Andy Howard (Project manager)

The new MUGA is now ready and is actually functional, with many competitive games of football under its belt. There will be an official unveiling in October, with a British Olympic athlete to perform the ceremony! Watch this space to receive more news as we get closer to the date.

The New MUGA.jpg