Date Posted: 01/07/2016

27 June: the week at Read

No. 1 in Yorkshire!

Tom Scholefield swimming.png

Ready for the moment of truth: Tom - appropriately in lane one, awaits the starter's orders

Year 7 pupil Tom Scholefield has achieved huge success in the regional swimming finals for free-style.  The events organised by the Yorkshire Swimming Association hold regular competitions over the weekends where the children compete in different distances and strokes, in order to move them up the rankings in the county hierarchy.  Tom has been moving up the league from third position to achieve first position, by the end of the season.  This has been achieved through hard work and a massive commitment, swimming every night for two/three hours at York City Baths to become the best in Yorkshire.  Tom goes on to compete in the North East region later this year, we wish him all the best. Well done Tom!

 TS swimming 3.jpg

Water World!

A big thank you to all of you parents who decided to join us for Senior School Sports' Day on 29th June. We all had our fingers and toes crossed with many parents claiming their brandished brollies would be enough to fend off the Summer showers, and they nearly were. We made it to the last set of events before the heavens opened; and open they did!

Still, in true Read spirit, all of us: pupils, parents and teachers took shelter to allow the storm to abate. Since it wouldn't, we declared the result as it stood, with Dragon winning the competition by a narrow margin from the other two houses, Phoenix and Unicorn. Well done Dragon.

y10 sports day sprinting.jpg

Brexit. Philippe Linke, one of our German pupils, is off to a flying start in the 200 metres along with Will Anderson and Alex Marsh

y8 100 m.jpg

Some of the Year 8s in their 100 metre heat under starter's orders.

sports day boys running.jpg

 Sam Stephens and Tom Scholefield battle it out for first place in the Year 7 100 metres.

sports day girls running.jpg

 Ellie Williams takes a commanding lead in the girls' 100 metres (Years 9 & 10)

javelin girls.jpg

 So that's who popped a hole in the cloud! Lucy Barrick throwing the javelin in the Year 9 girls' competition

isla mclellan shotputt.jpg

Good technique. Isla McLellan in the Shotputt in the Year 8 competition

Summer concert of Music and Drama

nic lee guitar.jpg

The concert was opened by Jack Armstrong from Year 11, who played for the last time ‘Ain’t no Sunshine’.  Jack first played this about two years ago at ‘An Audience with Mark Addy’.  What I hadn’t realised was that that performance was Jack's first solo spot playing his guitar.  What a transformation in such a short time!

There were some fine performances on the flute and the piano which were interspersed with some very funny drama.  I’m not sure if I will ever be able to look at Charlie Addy again without remembering him in a dress and a wig!

There was also a performance of two choirs this year.  The senior school choir sang to end the first half and the newly formed staff/pupil a capella group opened the second half.   This group started as just staff, but we soon realised if we wanted to perform that we needed support.  Nic Lee has been the greatest find with his fantastic tenor voice.

y7-9 girls singing.jpg

Nic Lee and Celia Wu were another new combo, singing in both Chinese and English as well as playing the guitar and piano respectively.

Mr Harrison was another member of staff who this year took part.  Along with Alfie Thomlinson, they reproduced the fabulous Two Ronnies sketch of Mastermind where Alfie answered the question with the answer of the preceding question.  Very amusing, although I suspect that the most mature people of the audience were the ones laughing hardest!

alice singing.jpg

After a very loud drumming and guitar combo, the concert finished with Daisy Speak giving her first singing performance followed by Alice Simmons singing ‘On My Own’ from Les Miserables.  The GCSE music and drama groups had only just been to see this fantastic show and this definitely enhanced Alice’s performance.

daisy singing.jpg

The concert was well supported by the parents of the performers, but if you were not one of them, then you missed a great night out.  Come and see what talent we have at Read.  Maybe your child would like to be part of one of these thriving festivals!

amy mclellan.jpg

I would like to thank everyone who supported this event, not only the parents, but the peripatetic teachers and all the other members of staff working behind the scenes.

Well done to all the performers, you were fab!

Julie Clark

 RS: The Wedding Planners!

Y7's wedding RS.jpg

When wondering around Ramsker recently, I was puzzled to find quite a lot of confetti on the floor. Following the trail, in a Hansel and Gretel-esque manner led me to Mrs Morrell's den! There was to be found a number of our Year 7 pupils involved in role-playing certain celebrations and traditions: on this occasion a wedding! As can be seen, these pupils have gone to some lengths to dress in splendid style for the big day. They wholeheartedly enjoyed the experience, though most admitted to having no plans to follow through with the real thing for a long long time yet!

What a Year for D of E!


Going for Gold! Yves Kombe, Matthew Roberts, Joe Richards, Nick Huynh and Jess Young

I would like to extend a massive thank you to a number of our unsung heroes from this year. First of all to the redoubtable pair of selfless teachers who have given up days, if not weeks of their time to organise and be there for our pupils for the Bronze, Silver and Gold expeditions for D of E.

Mr Gisbourne, whose frosty exterior countenance often masks the beating heart of a benevolent giant, a titan among men who will do anything to challenge and inspire the children in his care; Alongside him, proudly stands Mrs Rothwell-Wood, whose warmth and cheerful disposition thaws the advancing  elements as they seek to undermine our brave pupils out at camp. Between them both, and several other members of volunteer staff I would like to extend the warmest gratitude.

Rob 3.jpg

Of course, it goes without saying that the children themselves have done themselves proud, giving their all to the planning and the execution of these days out. As we know, the British weather is no kind mistress, so dealing with the rain and the cold have been constant challenges for them as they have marched out daily to complete the necessary time and mileage for the appropriate expedition level. Below is a diary of dates for the expeditions which have gone on this year and additionally, the 3 Peaks Diamond Challenge which went on last weekend.


Practice Ripon Fountains Abbey  14th 15th May;

Qualifying How Stean Gorge 20th 21st June;

17 Young People passed, with Mrs Rothwell-Wood saying:

"Congratulations to the year 9 pupils who completed their final Bronze expedition last weekend in Nidderdale. They all did very well and were out walking with their back-packs for 6 hours on both days carrying all their food, tents, sleeping bags and other essential items, taking in their beautiful surroundings. Mr Gisbourne and I are very proud of them all. Most participants have started the other section and some pupils are now well on the way to completing the award with some sections signed off already. The other sections include a skill, a physical activity and some voluntary work."


The Year 9 Bronze contingent smiling through the dubious weather


Practice North York Moors Friday 20th May to Sunday 22nd May;

Qualifying Swaledale Friday 10th June to Sunday 12th June;

5 young people passed.

 Rob 2.jpg

The Silver Expedition Crew: Alex Chapman, Alex Marsh, Oliver Lane, Elliott Burgess and Matthew Cook


Practice Yorkshire Dales 14th -16th April (Reduced due to bad weather);

Qualifying 29th May to 2nd June  Nidderdale/Coverdale/ Wensleydale/Swaledale;

Gold 2016 2.jpg

Diamond Challenge

10 young people entered the Great Selby Bike Ride on the 8th of May and 9 walked the “Yorkshire 3 Peaks” in the 12 hour time limit on Sunday 26th June. This raised over £500 for disadvantaged young people in the North of England region to benefit from the DofE and all it offers.



EU Exit as predicted by YEAR 10

Britain is waking up to a new era and the thoughts on everyone’s mind turns to the next steps.

The big question – Do Oliver and Alex replace Cameron and Osbourne in Downing Street?

Wednesday's Year 10 Business studies group led a debate focused on the Brexit Campaign and saw compelling challenges for and against leaving the EU. Supported by passionate Sixth Form students Alfie Thomlinson and Nick Huynh, the Remain campaign Led by Ellie Williams and Will Grainger went head-to-head with Read’s very own Boris and Farage, Oliver Lane and Alex Chapman.

The event had a high level of attendance from key figures within Read including Dr. Sweetman, Ms Palmer, Mr Voisey & Mr Moulson, Head of Read School Council.

The next two to three years see a new chapter for our country with many new topics and challenges for all future Business Studies students at Read.

A big well done to everyone who took part and attended.

Mrs Kavanagh


The Gardening Club

The gardening club have enjoyed creating hanging baskets and tubs of flowers to put around the school, to brighten the environment for pupils and in readiness for Commemoration Day. At the same time as learning about which plants are suitable for this, how to keep them in optimum condition, and creating a beautiful display, the pupils were also able to achieve a Unit Award qualification through AQA.  

The baskets will be for sale to parents and staff after Commemoration Day. What better way to brighten up your own front door for the summer! There are only four baskets left so this will be on a first come first served basis. The baskets are £15 each – a real bargain - baskets to be returned for use next year.

If interested please contact Mr or Mrs Patrick at the school.