Date Posted: 31/03/2017

27 March; the week at Read


Pupils had a fantastic week finding out loads of interesting information about something they see most evenings and take for granted. They experimented about lunar volcanoes, looked at mountain ranges and lunar 'seas' and thought about the various types of meteorite that land on earth and the moon. 


This little perspex disc, encasing the selection of different types of moonrock was on loan to the school and was worth as much a Van Gogh masterpiece! With only 8 of them in the world existing; they are worth more than a million pounds each!

The idea of holding a piece of the moon was mind boggling and re-ignited their sense of wonder about the solar system and space.

Read boys take on Fulneck school: U13s

(The player's perspective)

A crushing defeat for the U13s on Saturday but that did not stop them from having a great game at the end of the season and enjoying the football they were playing. We played with great shape and control which showed a massive difference to the start of the season and although we lost the game, thanks to Mr Garrard we have all come on as players and I think everyone would agree that it has been a good season for the boys.

Sam Stephens under 13s player


Football U13s overview, by Mr Garrard

(The coach's perspective)

We have set lots of process goals rather than outcome goals for the U13s this season and they have achieved many. They are now playing with more shape, more confidence, they understand when to play short passes or when to play the longer ball, they are getting used to making decisions based on how the game unfolds and importantly everybody in the team has seen improvements in their skills. Although Fulneck won 12 - 0, the Read boys should be congratulated on their positive attitude throughout the match, a theme which has run through the whole season even despite some heavy defeats.

U13 3.jpg

Tom Scholefield of the U13s making a great tackle


The U15s were missing 3 key players and unfortunately it impacted on their performance; without doubt with a full team we would have won. With the scores at 1 - 1 for a large part of the game it looked like we might hang on for a draw; unfortunately, a couple of defensive errors allowed Fulneck to score twice, winning 3 - 1. This completes a strong season for the U15s who have played some excellent football.

U13 2.jpg

Diljit Singh for the U15s probes the goal with a header


The U15s fend off a corner


U13 Read v Queen Margarets U14C

On Saturday 25th March Read Under 13s played the last match of the netball season against Queen Margaret's. After a quick warm up and team talk we began the match. We got off to a great start by scoring two goals however, Queen Margaret's came back by scoring a goal. We then managed to slip in another goal before the whistle blew! In the second quarter everyone was hot due to the weather, but we were determined to play our best. Libby Ansdell helped us score the two goals but Queen Margaret's had scored as well. Going into the third quarter we knew we had to keep trying. We played hard and with good defensive play from Gabby Athraby, Olivia Crossley and Lily Handforth we had stopped a lot of goals from getting in! We had scored, but Queen Margaret's weren't going to stop trying so they scored twice. In the last quarter Queen Margaret's managed to equal out the scores at one point. The shooters, Martha Love and Polly Brooks were under pressure to score. All our hard work had paid off as we scored two goals! The final score was 8-7 to the Read girls, Gabby Athraby was given player of the match. 
Georgia Beaumont (U13 Captain)

Netball U13 and U15.docx.jpg

 Lily Handforth looks to make a confident back line set play to Gabriella Athraby

Netball U13 and U15.docx 2.jpg

Grace Handforth tries her hand at shooting with great success!
U15 B Read v Queen Margarets U15C
It was the final match of the season and a great opportunity to involve a few girls who haven't played yet. We watched the Queen Margaret's girls warm-up and felt nervous as they all looked quite agile and strong. However, I told the girls to play their game and do the best they can. After the first quarter we were in the lead with four goals from Grace Handforth and Abi Senior. This lead was continued in the second quarter with Lucy Barrick trying her shooting skills out. In the third quarter we went ten goals in the lead and it was evident that we needed to balance the game up and enable everyone to feel like they were being challenged. This is when we sent Amy Lister into shoot and despite not playing in a shooting position all season, she still managed to sink quite a few shots! Amy McLellan and Isla McLellan held up the the defence and it was great to see them playing enthusiastically. Holly Langdale was a confident Centre court player who shows improvements week in and week out. Overall, we held the lead of 10 goals, with the final goals being even in the last quarter of six a piece. Resulting in a 19-9 win to Read.
A great season girls. 
I do want to mention how immensely proud I am of all the girls this term who have continued to represent the school impeccably, turning out every weekend with commitment and determination. A message for you:
You are all what makes my job so satisfying, seeing you all grow as sports performers, but maybe more importantly as individuals who show that you can be gracious, cooperative, honest, self-disciplined, reliable, flexible and great communicators. When I make decisions that maybe you don't agree with, you now start to understand. All these attributes will be important in your future and I am very lucky to be part of this journey along with all your other teachers, parents and people you have in your life. 
Have a wonderful time over Easter........but it wouldn't hurt to get some practice in for the rounders season!
Mrs Prosser


Pre-prep pupils were yesterday excitedly sending easter eggs down these special chutes. Why? Nobody knows, but they sure enjoyed doing it!


The Great Egg Race! Little ones send the eggs on their way


Oscar clutches his prize!