Date Posted: 02/12/2016

28 November; the week at Read

Equestrian Champion!

Continuing with our series on talented Read pupils who are unsung heroes in the field of sport and leisure, let us introduce you to young Emily Crossley, in Year 7.

13934908_834390896692257_5702566236984416744_n.jpgEmily is a high-level competitor with horses in many different areas, including dressage, in-hand showing, ridden showing, show jumping, one-day events and cross country eventing! An impressive list indeed, made more so by the actual standard she is competing at. She has three horses which she competes with: Marius (18), Meg (17) and Bertie (6). This year she has competed both locally and nationally in showing with Marius gaining many rosettes, trophies and awards, some of which you can see her pictured with.

13912377_1387545194605575_7695744161729360217_n.jpgThe competitive scene runs a seasonal "league" where she has received four first place trophies and was placed overall third on points collected throughout the season, an outstanding achievement for one so young; particularly when we put into context the fact that she is up against adults and professional breeders!

13139052_1326941510665944_680936038330568659_n.jpgWe can only imagine the hours of hard work and dedicated practice which goes into perfecting these routines prior to competitions. So well done to Emily, Fiona (mum) and of course, Marius, Meg and Bertie!

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