Date Posted: 09/12/2016

5 December; the week at Read

The 350 Cookbook is here!



350 cookbook.jpg


Thanks to all of the parents who have already bought a 350 Cookbook. Mrs Rothwell Wood has been selling them for the past week to those of you who want a good stocking filler of ideas for a number of versatile and fun recipes. These have all been produced by you and the students themselves.




Peruse this slipperless selection of photos from Cinderella last week, showcasing:

Joe Scholefield as Buttons,  Lizzy Nield and Alex Love as Lord and Lady William, Jess Henry and Kaela Abrams as Prince Charming and Cinderella and not forgetting Harjit Singh as one of the Ugly Sisters!

And so many more...

A resounding well done to all involved!

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lizzy nield alex love.jpg













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 Inter-House Hockey

Monday 5th December

U13 interhouse hockey.jpg

The girls were raring to go today, eager to show their hockey prowess against Hull Collegiate, but unfortunately the match was cancelled due to Hull's frozen pitch. They were unable to come to us so we took advantage of the situation and played the As v Bs which proved to be a closely contended game. The girls had to manage their own team and decide on the best playing positions. It was great to see them playing hockey with enthusiasm, but also seeing the communication, leadership and teamwork skills required to be part of a squad. In the end the As were victorious; the final score was 3-1.

 polly takes on ellie interhouse hockey.jpg
We then continued the element of competition with the inter-house matches which were nail biters. The inter-house matches usually bring out real passion from the girls as they try to defend their allocated House. All of them tried their best and despite the very cold conditions, there were no complaints. The final results were:

Unicorn - 1st
Dragon - 2nd
Phoenix - 3rd lily handforth driving the ball.jpg

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships." (Michael Jordan)

 The Vitamin Challenge!


Above: Annie Henry preparing her vitamin enriched dish with the finished product below

Year 10 food pupils researched into a vitamin and were set the challenge of making a starter or side dish high in that vitamin. There were some excellent dishes produced including Annie Henry's very tasty salmon burger and Sam Bond's cheese and mushroom souffle which was delicious. All pupils in the group made dishes that worked and were nutritious. Having researched the nutritional needs of their families for prep the group are now planning a main meal that meets their needs.



Going the Extra Festive Mile!

bus driver 1.jpg

Ernie Collins, Read School bus driver, has certainly got into the Christmas spirit! He and the Read School pupils on the Doncaster route, have got together to decorate their school bus with shiny tinsel, mini Christmas trees and fairy lights to make it look truly spectacular!

Ernie has been transporting Read School pupils to and from school for almost 10 years, and has explored the world in the merchant navy, and working within the travel industry.

“I love to decorate the bus for the children” says Ernie, “We have a lot of laughs on the bus, and it’s great to see the children develop from their first day at school, to their last day in the Sixth Form, all grown up. They keep me young!”

Another un-sung hero helping behind the scenes to make our school a better place! Thanks Ernie, and Merry Christmas!

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