Date Posted: 09/10/2015

5 October: the week at Read

Selby RUFC Year 4 Primary Schools' Rugby Megafest

  megafest 5.jpg

 Waqaar Zaman in Year 10 putting some youngsters through their paces.

Selby Rugby Club’s promotion of Rugby in the community this year included an invitation to the local primary schools to bring their Year 4 pupils down to the club for an afternoon of rugby skills. Strengthening our links with the club, Read School assisted with two out of three of these afternoons. Years 9 and 10 boys went down to the club, each of the 9 skills stations were explained by Richard Nicholson (Selby RUFC Development Officer) The boys then worked in pairs to explain, organise and coordinate their station to the Year 4 pupils. The pupils moved around the skills circuit participating for 10 minutes at a skills station before moving on to the next rugby related skill. The boys were a credit to themselves and the school as they managed the afternoon with confidence and authority, whilst making it fun for the year 4 pupils. We received numerous comments of recognition from the staff of the primary schools that were present who were suitably impressed with the Read School boys. I would like to thank the boys for the professional style in which they conducted themselves and for the way they embraced the opportunity to develop their coaching and leadership skills.

Mr B Garrard

 mega fest1.jpg

Diljit Singh and Owen Harker in Year 9 coaching a group of Year 4 pupils from local primary schools.

A Farewell Poem


Sometimes when you're in the middle of a working day and a teacher comes flying into your office wielding a piece of paper, it's usually bad news: What act of unspeakable evil has someone penned in their book now? Has another possessive apostrophe been placed incorrectly after the plural of a word? But, no, this was a lovely surprise, a moment of beauty which temporarily melted the ice-cold heart of this cynical deputy head.

As you are no doubt aware, today (at the time of writing) has been National Poetry Day, so many of Read's senior and junior pupils were penning poetry to mark the day. Alana Cordran of 4GH was one such pupil, writing a piece about something she loves dearly. What is it? The answer might surprise you.

The Last Flying Vulcan, XH558

The Vulcan's last flight is getting near

And that's when we find room for a tear,

But when the pilots can't fly her anymore

We will miss the engines' familiar roar.

Without that famous delta girl,

The sky will be a blurred swirl.

On Old Bawtry Road

The runways will miss their heavy load.

For everyone who has seen her

Now life will be a blur

And that lucky hangar

Will spend more time with her.

 Lana, aged 9 yrs


 The Vulcan bomber, which has served the RAF for over 60 years is to retire forever, its sad last flight will be witnessed by Alana on its flypast at Robin Hood airport this weekend.  Follow its progress over the weekend on its Facebook page:

Bloody Science!


Olivia, Georgia and co, looking at blood samples under the microscope.

In science we have been learning about the human body, blood and looking at different cells. We have also dissected a chicken leg to examine the tissues in it and looked at a pig’s lung which some people didn’t enjoy looking at it but we certainly did, we learned about how it was used in breathing. We are now training to be doctors and our first lesson was sorting out our patients in A&E to see what treatment was needed. One of our favourite lessons was looking at our own blood under the microscope. We love science and it is the best subject so far!

By Olivia and Georgia in Y7


This is what they could see - red blood cells clustered under the microscope.

Harvest Festival


 The pre-preps singing for their supper.

Pre-school, Pre-prep and Prep Schools held their Harvest Festival on Wednesday 7 October. The children came in laden with fabulous Harvest baskets and were excited about performing to their parents and friends. Pre-school sang a very endearing version of Eight Little Pumpkins (to the tune of Ten Green Bottles). Daisy-May Smith was a particularly enthusiastic pumpkin! Reception and Year One performed The Little Red Hen and Year 2 recited some nursery rhymes with a twist! Well done to all of the Pre-school and Pre-prep children for performing with confidence and cuteness in equal measure.

Next it was the turn of the Prep School. Years 3/4 sang and signed a very catchy tune called Let’s Harvest!, Year 5 strutted their stuff in a Vegetable Fashion Show and Year 6 debated whether animals or plants were more important in a very humorous Harvest Moo short play. In the end it turned out that the ‘future steaks’ and ‘little stinkweeds’ were equally as valuable as each other.

We must say a huge thank you to all of the parents for first of all providing such fantastic Harvest gifts and then making donations towards our chosen charity – the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Their generosity allowed us to raise a very impressive £300.

 R Wake DSC07123.jpg

Josh Pickering and Daisy-May Smith wrestle with pumpkins!