Date Posted: 10/06/2016

6 June: the week at Read

Read Hits Normandy!


Mont St Michel: the world famous abbey island

On Thursday, 26th May an eager group of pupils from Read set off on an expedition to experience some of the culture and history of one of France's most interesting regions.

On their time-travelling journey, the pupils disembarked to visit different time periods in history: from Bayeux, where the famous tapestry depicting the Battle of Hastings is housed: an amazingly well-preserved historical artefact from the 11th century. Also, on the subject of war, they were humbled by the vast array of war graves from the Second World War, where the remains of thousands upon thousands of soldiers are preserved in their neat serried rows; testament to the sacrifice men of all nations made for their countries.

norm cemetaries.jpg

 A sobering reminder of the destructive scale of war

 Below, a couple of the pupils who went on the trip briefly air their views on the highlights for them.

Daisy Heywood 7KP

"My favourite thing about Normandy was going to Le Mont Saint Michel. Le Mont Saint Michel is an island that has a big cathedral on top of it. This is because I found the cathedral very interesting. Also I liked the climb up because we got to see all the shops that we could look in afterwards! The Bayeux Tapestry was very educational and I learnt lots of interesting information through the audio guide. Although it was cloudy on one day the overall weather was quite nice."

Norm 4.jpg

 Our little ferry boat!

Saskia Bindloss 7KP

We were a selection of pupils from Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 and had a great trip to Normandy! It was fantastic fun: we went to a wide range of different places from Bayeux to a bowling centre! Everyone enjoyed themselves and it was interesting to see all the historical war cemeteries with the old German, American and English soldiers. Personally, I think my favourite place was Le Mont Saint Michel because it has beautiful and lovely architecture. All in all, everybody had a good time and I'm glad we went!

Norm 3.jpg


 Norm 1.jpg

Sur le Mont!


Year 8 Book Reviews - Part 3

The_Fault_in_Our_Stars (150 x 220).jpgThe Fault in Our Stars by John Green

What happens in the book?

The Fault in Our Stars is about a young girl who has cancer.  She goes to a support group as she doesn't go to school.  She meets a boy who also has cancer and they get on really well and after that they do everything together.  They do things that they thought they wouldn't be able to do because of their illness.  Sadly he falls ill, but will the ending be happy or sad?

Why I chose this book?

I chose this book because I had already watched the film and I really enjoyed it.  Also lots of people were reading the book and said they enjoyed it.  I thought the film was better because it was easier to understand.  I think you should read the book first because you will know all of the story before you see the picture.

What age is it suitable for?

I think it is most suitable for teenagers because it is quite emotional for younger children and it is quite confusing for you to understand.

How long did it take?

The book had 313 pages and it took me a couple of weeks to complete, but when you get hooked to it, you want to read the rest of it until it's finished.

Abbie Senior

Prep Sports

image1 (250 x 333).jpg image3 (250 x 333).jpg

The week before half term, the Prep School enjoyed a busy week of afternoon sporting fixtures following their morning efforts across various assessments. Monday was bright, sunny and glorious weather for the U11s as they travelled to Bootham for cricket and rounders. The girls enjoyed an even contest that finished 15.5 rounders each while the boys raced to 169 runs on the adjacent cricket pitch, scoring 40 more than the hosts.

24 hours later and it was the U9s who travelled into York for cricket, this time to face the Minster School. An even game, with particularly good bowling displays from both sides, was decided in the final over as Read emerged victorious by just a single run!

image2 (500 x 375).jpg

Wednesday's all day rain did its best to dampen spirits for Thursday's fixtures but, pleasingly, a dry afternoon brought a double victory for the U11s over Huddersfield Grammar. The girls edged out the visitors with a 9.5 to 5.5 triumph while the boys, playing on the Astro, scored 166 runs to ease past the 133 runs chalked up by the Huddersfield boys. Fingers crossed for more dry weather and summer term sporting success for the cricket, rounders and athletics in the second part of ther term!

Mr Hill

image4 (300 x 534).jpg

House Photography Competition

 IMG_5939 (250 x 333).jpg IMG_5941 (250 x 333).jpgLast half term, the Key Stage 3 pupils have been doing photography with much enthusiasm. Throughout the weeks of the event, we have covered topics like buildings, nature, people and The Read School.

The photos taken by the pupils are of superb quality for the amount of experience and time they were given, which is extremely impressive. The pupils considered various different properties of a good photo, including contrast, colour scheme, focus and general theme, utilised to a great extent in order to create fantastic photos.

We, Mrs Falkingham and Mrs Clark were delighted to see the amount of effort and creativity shown by the pupils. Despite the fact that all houses produced excellent photos, there was one clear winner. Phoenix, with the magnificent and thought-provoking photos on the topic of ‘people’ clearly brought them far ahead of competition. However, Dragon and Unicorn were extremely close and it was very difficult to make a good decision. In the end, with much remorse, Dragon was chosen to be the runner up, closely followed by Unicorn. Overall, brilliant efforts from all pupils involved and we hope to see the same from the next year.

IMG_5943 (250 x 333).jpg IMG_5936 (500 x 375).jpg

Nick Huynh and Matthew Roberts, Lower Sixth

A Special Notice from Mr Matthews and Mr Hill...


sports head 2.jpgFollowing a successful past seven summers, we will once again provide a great opportunity for Years 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 boys & girls to experience and participate in a wide variety of sporting activities. Children will have the chance to improve their skills, techniques and knowledge as well as develop their social skills of leadership, teamwork and confidence. ‘Get Your Sports Head On’ aims to offer boys and girls the chance for development both on and off the sporting stage. Some of the sports during the four days may include football, cricket, basketball, athletics, dodgeball, hockey, rounders, table tennis & badminton.

Once again we have decided to go one step further by also offering the course as part of a residential! We shall be offering the ever popular day events running from 9.00 – 15.00 for four days (that includes action packed days of sport, skills competitions, prizes and bringing your own snacks and drinks) and the residential, which includes all of the above plus breakfast, lunch, dinner & supper, evening activities and three overnight stays on site at The Read School.

The 4 day course will be held on the Mon 25th, 26th, 27th & Thurs 28th July 2016 running from 09.00 to 15.00.

Kit List for the day course – The children will need to bring: a packed lunch, plenty to drink & appropriate clothing for the day. Although most kit will be provided e.g. rackets, bats and balls etc, children are very welcome to bring their own sporting goods if they wish to do so. Please ensure that all kit has your child’s name on.

Extra Kit List for the residential – The children will also need to bring: nightwear, a towel, a wash bag & extra clothes for evening activities.

We look forward to an enjoyable and action packed four days!

 J Matthews & G Hill

Closing date for applications - Wednesday 29th June 2016

A Booking Form is available by calling the school: 01757 618248


Contact email: