Date Posted: 11/11/2016

7 November; the week at Read

The Music Rooms

Music rooms.jpg

On our trip to the Music rooms in Selby we learnt a lot about what it is like to be a sole trader business.  Mrs Garrard (the owner) was really wise and passionate about her business and told us how she worked her way up to getting the business to its current location.  She talked about the troubles she faced when starting the business, such as the state of the building when she first moved in. She had kept photographic evidence which we could view.  This helped us to understand and appreciate the work she has put in to make the building and décor what it is today.  

Mrs Garrard talked about her employees and how difficult it is to sort out lessons if one of the teaching staff is poorly.  She mentioned the many ‘hats’ she wears as the business owner; a teacher; the marketeer; the finance person and even the maintenance worker.  I hadn’t realised that one person would do so much.

Music rooms 2.jpg

I saw great enthusiasm from Mrs Garrard regarding her vision of how the business will develop in the coming year.  She told us how important customer service is and how she tries to provide a unique selling point in terms of the location of her café, for parents to sit and wait for their children and a chance for her to talk to the parents and ensure progress is being made, she seemed to really care about her customers.      

The Music Rooms is now over one-year-old and celebrated its first year in June.  On the trip we learnt about the advantages and disadvantages of being a Sole trader, such as having unlimited liability.  I found the trip to be very interesting as I too am very passionate about music, the trip showed me that in the future I could run a business myself combining two subjects I love: business and music!

Evangeline Barnby

 Year 8 DT

8SC have been learning about some plastic processes used in industry and made egg holders using the oven and line bender to shape their design. 

Year 8 eggcup 2.jpg

This is the last weekend to get your 350 cookbook recipes in; the deadline is Monday. Pleas email them to . So far we have recipes from pupils ranging from Reception to Year 11. The cookbooks will be on sale soon, they will make great Christmas gifts!

Year 11 Food Technology
Year 11 Food Technology GCSE pupils have finished making the ten ideas needed for their controlled assessment and are now choosing one idea to develop further. I thoughts I'd share some results with you.

WZ starfish.jpg

These mouth-watering pieces have the added bonus of being beautifully presented too! Well done to Waqaar and Matthew

MC Taglietelle.jpg

 A big thank you to Mrs Rothwell-Wood for these updates.

Boarder's debut for Goole

will m goole rugby.jpg

 Will McLaughlan, making his debut for Goole as centre and winger

Read has a proud history and association with our two big local rugby towns, Goole and Selby. Our latest addition to the Goole U14's is our Year 9 talented sportsman, Will McLaughlan. He made his successful debut for Goole RUFC last weekend against Keighley, where the U14's progressed to the next round of the Yorkshire Cup with a 33-5 victory.

In two weeks' time, the team take on Beverley in the quarter-finals. Good luck to the team!




Calling All Netball Players!

Read School Ex-Pupils/Teachers/Parents of pupils of the school:
If anyone is still living locally and wants to get back into netball we have a ladies team (18 years and over) at school playing competitively in division 3 of the York and District League.

Read School Ladies (400 x 300).jpgMessage me if you'd like to be involved or would like some more information or drop me a text on 07856199653.  **Sorry Girls Only**

 Alice Wood, (ex-student of the school, and ladies' netball captain).