Date Posted: 28/08/2015

Latest news August 2015

Fabulous exam results across the board!!

A Level results

Pleasing results once again this year for The Read School as we celebrate the success of our Sixth Form students.

Head Girl Megan Hughes is Oxford-bound following her amazing achievement of A*A*A, which sees her take up a place at St Anne’s College to study biomedical sciences.  Other notable achievements include Kallum Stewart (AAB); Amy Broomhead (ABB); David Oakley (ABB); Bryony Chapman (BBB) and Katie Steel (BBC).

Headmaster Dr John Sweetman said: I am delighted with the success of our Sixth Form pupils this year.   Overall the A Level pass rate was 96%, with more than half of all passes at grade B or above.  All pupils applying have been accepted at their universities of choice including successful applications to Oxford and to the Russell Group universities. The success of our pupils is down to their own hard work and is also testament to the dedication of a highly supportive and skilful teaching and support staff.   Dr Sweetman added that  ‘the pupils can be proud of their achievements and I am confident that they are all fully prepared to achieve success in the next stage of their lives’.

A2 results:

Allen, J (Ch, Phy, Ma); Batley E (Bio, Geo); Broomhead A (BS, Fr, Sp); Burrows S (Comp, DT, Phy); Chapman B (Fr, His, Sp [Mus]); Guest N (E Lit, Fr, Sp); Hughes M (Bio*, Ch, Ma* [Phy]); Kaensuwan P (Art, DT); Kavanagh S (BS, DT, Geo); Lee A (Art, Psy, [Comp]); Oakley D (Fr, Phy, Ma [His, FMa]); Sheavyn J (Bio, Psy, Sp, [ELit]); Sheavyn R (Bio, BS, PE, [His]); Steel K (BS, ELit, Psy, [Geo]); Stewart K (DT, Phy, Ma, [Sp, FMa]); Turganbekova A (Art, BS, Rus).

[] indicates AS; * indicates A*

GCSE results

A raft of excellent GCSE results were also celebrated.

Notable performances this year included;

Nick Huynh (5A*, 3A, 1B); Eloise Hewson (4A*, 4A, B); Sam Harrison (3A*, 1A, 4B, 1C); Matthew Roberts (2A*, 3A, 3B, 1C); Alfie Thomlinson (1A*, 3A, 1B, 3C); and Simran Ley (7A, 1B, 1C). 

Headmaster Dr John Sweetman said, “ I am extremely pleased with the performance of our GCSE candidates this year.  Not only have over 90% of pupils achieved 5 A*-C grades, over 25% of grades were achieved at A*-A, and 72% of pupils achieved the national benchmark of 5 A*-C grades including Maths and English – six percentage points higher than last year.  This is a great reflection on the hard work put in by staff and pupils alike and all are to be congratulated.”

Adamson C (9)[7]; Backhouse M (9)[8]; Baga S (9)[8]; Davison A (9)[6]; Edwards, W (9)[9]; Evans S (9)[8][; Faure D (9)[9]; Harrison S (9)[9]; Hewson E (9)[9]; Huynh N (9)[9]; Johnson D (9)[6]; Kombe Y (9)[7]; Ley S (9)[9]; Limbert E (9)[8]; Mizen G (8)[4]; Pocklington S (9)[6]; Richards J (8)[7]; Roberts M (9)[9]; Sparham L (9)[9]; Thomlinson A (8)[8]; Watson B (9)[6]; Weigand P (6)[4]; Weston Z (9)[7]; Wightman T (9)[7]; Wilburn T (9)[7].