Date Posted: 20/03/2015

March 16th: the week at Read

U13 Netball : Read 33 - Mount St Mary's 5

We can't stop winning! Every single match I have reported on since this weekly newsletter began, over a month ago, Read have been victorious. Whether it be first team football, netball or rugby, not a single game has been dropped. Considering the size of some of the opposition schools we are up against, that is no mean feat.

So to business. This U13 girls' netball team have not only won their last few matches; they have won ALL of them except one. So going into their fixture against Mount St Mary's, expectations were high, could the girls deliver? I'll let the U13 captain, Alex Collinson, tell you in her own words.

"On a cold and cloudy morning on Saturday 14th March we were up against Mount St Mary’s College. This was our last game of the season and we were hoping to end it with a win. With only seven players and no subs we all had to make sure there were going to be no injuries! We went out with confidence and we were all going to play to the best of our ability. With Annie Henry missing, as centre, this meant that we had to reconstitute the team and change people’s places. Amelia Addinall took centre to start off with although this was not her default position. We were unsettled. We set out strong and had scored a few goals within a couple of minutes. This brought a little relief to the team and we relaxed into a familiar pattern. With a solid defence from Grace Handforth and Lucy Barrick this meant that we conceded no goals to St Mary’ s in the first quarter. We all came back on court positive, and carried on gaining more goals from both shooters, Katie Watson and myself. Centre court's accurate and strong passes from Amy Lister, Amelia Addinall and Alice Simmons made the ball quickly move into the shooting D area. The overall score was 33-5 to Read which was our greatest win of the season!

 Out of 10 matches played this season we have only lost 1 game to the unbeaten Terrington Hall."

Reported by Alex Collinson

There will be more from Alex next month when we talk to her about her continuing success in netball in the North Yorkshire ranks. She will be one of many of Read's young sportsmen and women who are representing their county in their sport, so keep your eyes peeled.

My English Lesson  - by Dominic Chennells

2015-03-11 12.22.58.jpg

My Year 7 class have been reading a book called “Skellig”. It is about a creature that is half man, half bird who lives in Michael’s garage.  Skellig only eats insects, mice, rats and Chinese takeaways, and regurgitates them into pellets like a barn owl. Michael and Mina found Skellig and fed him 27 and 53, washed down with brown ale.

In class today we opened up some owl pellets which I brought from my farm and found bones inside them. We used cocktail sticks, tweezers and a scalpel to open them up. They were made of fur and bones. In my owl pellet there were rat skulls with big yellow teeth and lots of small bones and claws.

This was an interesting English lesson because we have never done anything like this before.

The French Exchange is off!

Bon Voyage!
Today sees the departure for France of 22 intrepid exchange pupils from Years 8-10 who are heading to Bordeaux for the return leg of the 2014-2015 French exchange.  A fun-packed week awaits with visits to Arcachon, Saint-Emilion and the Bordeaux rugby team.  Pupils will bake macarons, climb Europe’s largest sand dune and do lots of sightseeing in the beautiful Bordeaux region and city, not to mention speak lots of French!   Our French explorers, minus a few pupils who were otherwise engaged at Barnsley Music Festival at the time of photo are pictured with the newly arrived hoodies.  Bon voyage tout le monde!

Mrs Ainley


A Total Eclipse of the Chart

Mr Stark is pictured here with many of our pupils attempting to sneak a peek at the brightest object in our existence: the sun. I am sure you were all in the know about today's eclipse taking place, but did you become aware of that eerie hush as the birds stopped singing and the daylight darkened to dusk? We did.

Due to stringent safety procedures insisted upon by Mrs Bullock, there were no visits to matron with eyestrain or burnt out retinas!