Date Posted: 27/03/2015

March 23rd : The Week at Read

England ExpectsIMG_0043.JPG

Rugby Elite. Alex Chapman, Sam Edwards and Elliot Burgess.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play for Yorkshire? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play for the whole of the North? Surely though, the Holy Grail of rugby has to be to don the white shirt at Twickenham. There can be no greater honour than hearing the crowd singing Swing Low as you leave the tunnel to line up for England. Well, the three gentlemen pictured above have begun the long hard journey towards that dream, and are surprisingly far along it.

These young men pictured left to right are: Alex Chapman (14, No 8), Sam Edwards (13, Scrum Half) and Elliott Burgess (14 2nd Row), were picked at Selby RUFC where they play weekly for the U13s and U14s. Their team coaches nominated the most promising talent for possible inclusion in the local ERDPP programme, which as well as being an unpronounceable acronym, also stands for English Rugby Development Player Programme. Having been seen in action, the lucky few hopefuls make their way to trials, where they are put put through skills sessions (handling, tackling, 60m sprint, two footed jump) and game situations including touch and pass. There has also been a lot of spatial awareness training. A lucky minority are emailed and are told that they have made it to the next stage of the programme.

Elliot, Sam and Alex are all at this next stage.

The principle of this method of selection is that a talented number are winnowed away to leave only the elite few. At the bottom of the progression pyramid, some will be dropped off, who can later opt to retrial. The successful remaining few will be trained for Yorkshire U15s.

So far, the three lads are still working in the programme and their hopes remain high for the future. Elliot himself says:

"It is a great honour to be chosen for the programme. I aspire to develop my skills and hopefully one day be chosen to put on the no 4 shirt for Yorkshire and England. I would like to play rugby at a professional level with Yorkshire Carnegie or another club in the area. The ERDPP has given me a chance to develop and to play and compete with other high quality players. At this early stage it is a little bit like Big Brother; you don't know who your competitors are but you know that you have to play well and keep an eye on the other players who are also competing for your spot."

Elliot Burgess.

Prep School House Sports Competition


The girls were excited about an afternoon of Inter-house netball and each House put out the strongest team possible, despite being thwarted by injury in some cases. The sense of competition amongst the girls was intense and the parents who had come along to support got into the spirit of it too. The training from this term had clearly paid off as there were some excellent examples of positional play and accurate passing and shooting. Phoenix emerged as the winners with 20 points, followed by Dragon with 13 points and in third place, Unicorn with 10 points. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon was had by all.

Mrs Wake


Dragon emerged victorious in this year's Prep School Inter-house football competition after what proved to be an extremely tight tournament. Six highly competitive games brought plenty of endeavour, enthusiasm and excitement but goals were unusually few and far between. A handful of draws were split by narrow single goal victories, more so in Dragon's favour than Phoenix and Unicorn, meaning every game was a tight affair up until the final whistle. With Dragon champions, Phoenix and Unicorn could not be separated for second and third as their playing record over 4 games was identical in points obtained, goals scored and conceded! Well done Dragon House and to all the boys for their effort throughout the competition.

Mr Hill

Assemblies at Read


For mums and dads out there who might have wondered what our assembly time is spent doing, wonder no further. We actually have three a week. The first is Key Stage specific, where the Heads of each Key Stage organize a topic or theme which is of interest to their age range of pupils and deliver the material, often with help - or even led by - pupils of the school.

This particular assembly you see pictured featured Mr Gisbourne working with members of his form (10DG) delivering a dramatic piece on time, and how to make the most of it!

 Then, once a week, there is a rousing hymn practice, where Mr Richard Moulson leads the school in some progressive singing. The last venture began with a Beatles song, She Loves You!

Gis assembly 3.JPG

For percussion purposes, Mr Moulson allowed some of the pupils to use football rattles, whistles and tambourines. I am sure there is a possible Eurovision entry for us next year.

Finally, Friday allows us to focus on a whole school assembly, for Year 5 and upwards, where the Head or I will talk about a topical event or deal with a theme relevant to our young society of people. The Head Boy and Girl will then make relevant announcements or read match reports.

Ask your children about assemblies: see what they can remember!

The 2015 Barnsley Festival

After many hours of shuffling papers and trying to fit children into minibuses and coaches and ordering packed lunches I finally felt ready for the Barnsley Drama and Music Festival to begin.

Monday afternoon was the first of many ventures across the M62 and down the M1.  There was verse speaking, bible reading, drama, Shakespeare, monologues and mimes.  All the Read pupils did really well with many first places, notably from Evangeline who won the verse speaking, mime, retelling of a story, Shakespeare and monologue.  She was joined this year in the drama by Jack Armstrong who won the monologue and prepared reading classes.  Amy McLellan won her prepared reading class and Isobelle Campbell- Baldwin and Lizzie Wake won their mime duologue class.  The shock of the day was Emma Davison and Amy McLellan winning their mime duologue class.  Who would have thought that those girls could stay quiet for so long?

Tuesday morning was mainly for the younger children.  Isabelle Gilmore came first and Edward Campbell-Baldwin second, in a very big class reciting the poem ‘The Sleepy Giant’.  Emily Phillips came 1st and Ethan Kaye 2nd in their class and Alana Cordran (1st) and Orla Jamieson in the sight-reading class. Alana then did the double by winning the prepared reading class. Georgia won the prepared reading class for her age group.

Tuesday afternoon has now become an extra singing session.  Jack and Evangeline came joint third in the Musical Theatre Repertoire class and Libby Ansdell came third in the Popular Repertoire class.  Libby is only 10 and the class was for up to and including 20 years of age so well done to Libby.  Lily finished the day winning the Stage and Screen class.

Wednesday was the first full day of music.  Isla and Emma came third in their class and Amy came second in her class.  Celia Wu and Lucy Qui came third.  There were many other great performances from Amy, Emma, Lucy and Celia before lunch.  After lunch Claire Sellers won her guitar class, Evangeline won the harp class and Emma was 2nd and Chloe 3rd in the Solo woodwind class.  Amy McLellan won her woodwind class with Celia and Lucy joint 2nd and Kenny came 2nd in his age group class.  Jack and Bryony had had to play earlier due to Jack having a singing exam, but they still managed 2nd place in the duet for guitar and voice class.  Kenny and Emma came 2nd and Amy and Chloe and Celia and Lucy came joint 3rd in the woodwind duet classes.  We finished the long day with the recorders from the prep department.  They all played brilliantly with Alana taking 1st place, Isobel 2nd and Martha Thomas 3rd.  They then all joined together for the recorder ensembles and group 2 beat group 1!

Thursday was the very long singing day.  We set off late and so arrived to find that the class had started without us.  It wasn’t a problem though as we soon slotted in.  Evangeline came 3rd in the first class, 2nd in the next class and 3rd again before lunch.  Hannah Torn came third in her last ever solo performance.  After lunch, Megan Hughes, Bryony Chapman and Hannah sang ‘What a Wonderful World’ and came 3rd.  I thought they should have come higher, but maybe I am biased?  The Disney Repertoire class included 6 of our pupils out of 24 entries.  Evangeline came 2nd and also 2nd in the Stage and Screen class.  The day ended at 6.30 and then there was the long drive home.

Friday was logistically the hardest day.  It was time for the choirs to perform and this time we were taking both the prep department and the senior choir.  With a 57 seater coach and minibus booked, 75 packed lunches safely stowed in the lockers, off we went.  The Prep school sang first and they performed very well.  They were placed second again to QEGS who sang their favourite song ‘Owzat’.  Next was the senior choir with Amy Lister singing the opening solo.  She sang very well which gave a good basis for the rest of the choir to follow.  They too were placed 2nd to our usual rivals, The Real Music School.  The final class of the day was all Read pupils.  This was finally won by Evangeline with her rendition of ‘I’ve got a little list’ which we have heard on several occasions, each time with slightly different, topical words.  I am not sure that I should be mentioned quite so often on the executioners list! 

At the Friday evening winners’ concert, all the winners of trophies had to perform again for further trophies.  Evangeline also won The Ernest Frost Memorial Cup for the most promising instrumentalist of the festival and The Speech and Drama Rose bowl which is presented to the best performer of the Festival. This bought her total to 7 trophies!   Jack also won the Festival Committee Award presented to the most promising dramatic performer of the Festival.

Many people at the Festival commented on how good the pupils at Read were and how talented they were and I would like to second those comments.  They were a pleasure to take and it proves that all the hard work was not in vain.  It was a joy!  Congratulations to all who took part, too numerous to mention.

My thanks go to Mr Moulson for all his patience and hard work with the singers, Mrs Anderson for her hard work with the drama pupils, other staff who helped the pupils’ prepare their performances and the support of the parents for listening to their children over and over again at home.

Julie Clark

'Eggs'-cellent response to charity call-out

The Parents' and Friends' Association sent out an appeal last week for donations of Easter eggs, which would be passed on to local charities and we are 'egg'-stremely pleased to report that a we had a fantastic response with over 150 eggs being brought into school.  The eggs will be distributed next week to local charity Daisychain, based in Selby, and to the Hull Womens' Refuge.

Many thanks to all who have sent in donations, they will be really appreciated by the recipients.

Pictured are Lizzy Nield, Logan Chandler, Mary Couch and Alex love with just a small selection of the yummy eggs!Easter eggs.jpg