Date Posted: 05/03/2015

March 2nd: the week at Read

Wham, Bam, Thank You Sam!

Our very own Sam Pocklington got himself picked for the Yorkshire Carnegie team in a game against Newcastle Falcons. The game was a blockbuster, so its worth reading the match report here:

The game was all the sweeter for Sam and his Yorkshire brethren as they won with a decisive 29-17 victory. Well done to all involved.

Mark Voisey

Sam at Newcastle Falcons.jpg


An Interview With Mark Addy


 Reported by Luke Couch

On January the 23rd Mark Addy came into school for an entire afternoon. Being the huge film buff that I am I was very excited to witness his interview. In the event, I got one better than seeing it, Mr Voisey invited me to film it! I was fascinated and intrigued by his many stories. He was both a modest and funny man, whose anecdotes from around Yorkshire spoke volumes to the intrigued Read pupils and staff. I think above all, it inspired us to think that if you want to become a star yourself you have to make it happen; it won't come to you!

Big thanks to Mark for giving up his time to visit us and also to Mrs Maunsell who did a fantastic job of interviewing Mark.

China comes to Read

Last week saw the departure of the second group of pupils to take part in a cultural visit to Read.  The pupils, from the Binzhou Experimental School in China, spent the week in school, attending lessons and integrating with our pupils.  In assembly last week, all the visitors were presented with a certificate of attendance and a small bag of souvenirs to take away.

Some of the pupils took part in the Talent Show on Friday evening and entertained the audience with piano-playing, singing and some Chinese dancing.  It was great to see them join in with the fun.

On Saturday they were all taken to York where the highlight of the day was a meeting with the Lord Mayor at the Mansion House, before heading back to China on Sunday morning.

chines pupls group 2.jpg