Date Posted: 13/03/2015

March 9th: the week at Read

 World Book Day -Thursday 5th March

pic 3.jpg

The Pre-preps clutch in their hands their favourite books, from which their characters were chosen!


Pre-School get into the spirit of things!

What the Prep School had to say: by Mrs Wake and the Year Six Class

The Pre-prep and Prep School children and staff took part in the World Book Day celebrations on Thursday 5th March. There was a huge variety of fantastic costumes and Mrs Falkingham had the hard task of choosing a winning costume for each year group. The winners were:

Year 2: Isabelle Gilmore

Year 3: Alana Cordran

Year 4: Joe Scholefield

Year 5: Rory Ansdell

Year 6: Ben Abrams

Here are some quotes from the children:

‘I really enjoyed seeing everybody’s costumes. I was the Artful Dodger.’ by Tom Scholefield

‘I loved World Book Day because we got to be whatever we wanted. Some costumes really stood out, like Ben who was Gangsta Granny!’ by Lorna Inglis

‘I really enjoyed World Book Day. We wrote a follow up character and item that we chose from a box. My story was about Honey the Bee and a diamond ring. I came as Destiny from Little Darlings but the best one, in my opinion, was Gangsta Granny, who was Ben Abrams. He made us all laugh as he was in a skirt. Everyone made the effort and we are all looking forward to next year!’ by Libby Ansdell

‘It was one of the best school days ever. We were separated into House groups to do different activities. I made my own version of The Tiger who came to Tea, which was The Panda who came to a Picnic. Everyone made an effort.’ by Georgia Beaumont.

World Book Day prep.jpg

The Whole Prep School - how many characters can you spot?

This Week's Football Fixtures

I have the pleasure to report yet another resoundingly successful week in Read's sports diary. The boys' football performances across the senior school have resulted in three victories out of three fixtures; maintaining a high standard of commitment and skill in all age groups.

Saturday 7th March (Home)

U13s - Read 6, Huddersfield 0

The Under 13s gave Huddersfield Grammar a drubbing, winning 6-0. Mr Garrard reports that the boys played, "great passing football, to overwhelm the opposition and create a multitude of goal-scoring opportunities." Man of the Match was Diljit Singh: well done Diljit.


Read U13s attempt to score from a corner

Saturday 7th March (Home)

U15s - Read 3, Huddersfield 2

The Under 15s made harder work of their well earned win, securing a 3-2 victory against Huddersfield Grammar in what was termed a "scrappy game". However, a 3-2 victory earns the same points as a 6-0 one does, so once again well done to the team for showing their mettle and persevering with a fierce desire to get the job done.

Tuesday 10th March (Away)

U15s - Read 4, Hill House 3

This was a tight away match for the seasoned U15 veterans, where Read had to pull out all of the stops under away game pressure to guarantee success. Mr Garrard said there were many notable performances: Alex Chapman in goal, Jack Armstrong, Robbie Hood and Josh Oatley all played major roles in the game. Due to his skill, grit and determination under pressure though, Man of the Match on this occasion went to Jackson Gray. Well done gentlemen, perhaps we can ensure our next result is another close nail-biter in our favour, yes?


 Read U15s stand united against Hill House, victorious at 4-3.

Read Nose Day 2015

See below some pictures from today's fund-raising efforts for Red Nose Day.  Click on each picture to enlarge it.