Date Posted: 15/09/2017

A new year at Read

Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh Award

So a huge welcome back to all of you readers as we set sail on a journey of discovery to se what this term brings us. The Year 9 pupils got stuck straight into their D of E preparations, as the reality has begun to hit about the huge number of skills they need to acquire, before setting off on their Bronze Expedition later this year.

D of E 3.jpg

The sun beams down upon the Year 9s trying to problem-solve their cooking arrangements!

Mr Gisbourne and Mrs Rothwell-Wood have been putting the pupils through some campcraft skills, getting them acclimatised to the equipment and the methods used to survive out in the field.

 D of E 2.jpg

As Bruce Springsteen said: "you can't start a fire without a spark", let's hope these Year 9s aren't "Dancing in the Dark".

Sixth Form team-building day in York

On Friday 11th September all the Sixth Form students visited York St. John University for a combined team building activity day as well as to generally find out and explore the world of University and the differences that entails when compared with life at Read. The day commenced with an introduction to the University and the Student Ambassador Leader told us all about the University. We were then expected to complete a business related activity. This was designed to make us consider the complexities of the business and it enabled all members of the Sixth Form to participate and contribute to the day. This after all was the chief purpose of the day. Many new entrants into the Sixth Form made notable contributions. We were divided into separate groups and we had to discuss international business and this was a really good activity because our new Sixth Formers (many from overseas) were able to relate to that topic and add to the discussion.

6th from.jpg

The second part of the day was doing a quiz on the campus tour, this enabled us to learn about life as student in more detail than the majority of us had done previously. Once again we were encouraged to work as a team to answer the questions on the quiz so the Upper Sixth members of the teams made sure everyone did their bit to complete the task. Therefore, after just three days of knowing each other, all of us knew the rest of the Sixth Form much better than we had done before. The day concluded with a tasting exercise designed to show us that branded products are not always the bee’s knees. This included sampling some revolting non-branded tomato ketchup and some equally disgusting stewed tea. All members of the Sixth Form participated and some of the new pupils were introduced to the oddities of the British diet! All in all it was an excellent day and well worth the visit. We all send our thanks to Miss Cross for organising the trip and all the staff at York St. John for arranging the day for us.

Sam Barrick

Evangeline clinches first again!

Evangeline Barnby of Year 11 competed at the International Federation of Music Festivals winners championship last week. The winners from all the festivals in the UK compete at this championship for an overall winner across regions and categories. The competition standard was outstanding, so for Evangeline to have taken the gold medal was a superb achievement.
Evangeline performing.jpg
Evangeline with Margaret Venables, president of the International Federation of Music Festivals being presented with her trophy and cheque

This is Evangeline's biggest achievement to date. On this performance alone, Evangeline has been invited to perform as a classical artist at many concerts throughout England and Italy. Well done Evangeline, the trophy cabinet must be close to breaking point!